The Predictions Have Arrived - These Are the 2019 Decor Trends

Much like New Year resolutions, at the end of each year, we take note of decor trends that are slowly fading away and look for cues to predict what new trends are on the rise. With the New Years approaching, we explored fresh ideas in the leading brands of the industry and found some key elements that can not only freshen up a space with just a couple changes, but also transform an ordinary room into a stunning one. Although the most important design feature will always be your personal touch, inspiring trends make an interior feel current. So after seeing the styles forecasted to be trendy in 2019, take your pick and decorate with things that are valuable to you, remind you of good times, or are just beautiful to you. Follow your heart with a dash of novelty, and your home decor will never go out of style. Now, let's find out who the next rising stars will be in the decor world! (Cover Photo Source: Amy Sklar)


Sustainable Handmade Pieces

Continuing the 2018 trend of creating a sense of calm in interior design, styles like Scandinavian hygge, Scottish còsagach, and Swedish lagom will keep flourishing with their cozy, airy, open look. The use of light wood floors will become popular again, which is versatile in transitioning between casual and luxurious feels. With sustainable handmade pieces that are unique, artisanal, and even imperfect, 2019 is another year of approaching towards natural designs and materials such as rice paper, jute, clay et cetera.

Source: Scott Formby
Source: K Interiors
Source: Mjölk


Bold Greens

In the past few years, the pale Scandinavian interior design was seen everywhere. While generally staying in the same direction, we're about to see a slight twist with 10% colour and 90% neutrals when setting the shade in a space. Bold sultry green is the go-to choice of the year! This dramatic colour is best used in a small amount to make the largest impact. Not only does it go with pale neutrals, it also pops against dark neutrals — what does black marble against matte black finishes remind us of? We'd say a peaceful retreat in a luxury spa! 2019 will also be a year of reintroducing black into the neutrals family where it belongs.

Source: Milk Magazine
Source: Clare
Source: Julia Robbs
Source: Joseph Dirand


Classic Reinvented

Trends are basically history repeating itself. In 2019, designers will start using floral fabric and wallpapers, tying in flawlessly with the light wood floors and dark greens which are gaining popularity as well. This retro wave includes mid-century designs again, but this time instead of the American version of it, we're moving to Italian mid-century modernism. Delicate lines, curved furniture, and bold colours are all tributes to the classic. 

Source: Betapet 
Source: Alvhem
Source: CB2
Source: Tamara Magel


Low and Weighty

Another staple in the American mid-century style we've seen in the past years is its furniture pieces with sleek skinny legs. Along with the merge of Italian mid-century designs which introduces softer lines, it's only natural for certain furniture pieces to have low profile bases in order to balance out the flow of the space. These low and heavy plinth coffee tables are expected to make a striking statement in the year of 2019 — especially they show off the also popular stone finishes beautifully! 

Source: Globe West
Source: Sarah Yates Mora
Source: Rikki Snyder
Source: Anthropologie

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