Scandi Style - Simple and Natural Christmas Decor

With Christmas just a few days away, we've seen lots of Christmas decor maxed out in amounts of garlands, ornaments, and candles used. While holiday is the season of abundance — lots of gifts, lots of hot drinks, lots of lights, lots of laughter — which is why its decor has always been a "maximalist" style, we recently stumbled upon some minimalist Christmas decor that are surprisingly refreshing. No irrelevant and messy glitters, just some earthy and natural items you can find in your daily life, this Nordic Christmas decor style can easily be recreated at home. Read on to find out what key elements are used to create a simple minimalist interior for this wonderful season! (Cover Photo Source: Decordots)


Tree Branches

What says "natural" more than tree branches? Not only are tree branches good for alternative Christmas trees, pretty much any size juniper or pine branch will make your decor instantly Christmas-y! 

Source: Anna Malmberg
Source: Decordots
Source: Decordots


Gingerbread Cookies

It seems like the only thing we can smell everywhere we go during the holiday season is the sweetly spiced gingerbread cookies. 

Source: Decordots



At the end of fall every year, we always stumble upon pinecones and chestnuts of different sizes and shapes fallen onto the streets in our neighbourhood. We love to pick up a couple to keep, and a couple is really all you need to add an instant Christmas vibe to your home decor!

Source: Peter Carlsson
Source: Decordots
Source: Peter Carlsson



Stars are the iconic must-have for all Christmas decor. Not only do them represent the wonderful holiday, but also they really blend in with all kinds of different decor styles. From country to Scandinavian, you'll always see a presence of these natural & adorable shapes. They are so versatile that you can use them from before Christmas into the New years! 

Via: Love Lust


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