Christmas Tree Alternatives - 10 Creative Takes on Traditional Holiday Décor

Who doesn't love a good full-size Christmas tree? But sadly, not everyone's home has enough space to fit the perfect Christmas tree of their dreams. For some people, space might not be a big concern, but going to the tree lot to pick up a tree & having to dispose it after the holiday is over seems like too much hassle. Or, some people simply don't like the plastic look on faux Christmas trees. No matter what your reason is that you don't have a traditional Christmas tree this year, as long as you feel like celebrating, we've picked out 10 creative alternative Christmas tree ideas that save space, set-up time, and money! (Cover Photo Source: Cox and Cox)


1. Add some fresh cut greens to a collection of your favourite things - pretty Christmas-y!

Source: Free People


2. Trees made of pages of hymn have such great meaning to it — or pages from antique books will also look amazing for the non-religious.

Source: Eco Inventos


3. Pieces of driftwood hung in ascending lengths, accompanied with string lights, make the perfect "two-dimensional tree".

Source: Free People


4. Love this ingenious creation of rosemary Christmas tree! An excellent choice for those who love the fresh herb scent & the minimal look.

Source: Almost Makes Perfect


5. Stringing up those wood branches makes it easier to add ornaments to the tree on the wall.

Source: Cox and Cox


6. Your kids want their own tree in their bedroom? No sweat, here is a Christmas tree colouring poster!

Source: Not on the High Street


7. With some invisible 3M wall hooks and string lights, you can DIY a pretty amazing Christmas tree on the wall!

Source: A Pair and A Spare


8. For those who do crafts, you must already have wool yarn & washi tape handy, so this Christmas tree alternative won't cost you anything extra!


9. If you're one of the lucky people who have a chalkboard wall at home, this one is for you.

Source: Hunted Interior


10. Got a spare wooden step ladder? Then you can recreate this no-less-than-dreamy Christmas tree!

Source: Trendenser

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