Timeless Basics - 16 Black & White Home Styling Ideas

Black and white are the absolute essentials when it comes to designing — they never go out of fashion, flatter everyone and look good in every texture. They are the icon of simplicity, which is why they are heavily used in Scandinavian home decor that has become extremely popular over the past decade. While home accessories come in a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns, black & white remains many people's irreplaceable obsession. Although these non-colours go well with every colour, they are so much more than just a background; they are THE most timeless shades that will forever be the symbol of elegance. Feeling like introducing some black & white elements to your home? Here are 16 inspirations for chic B&W designs! (Cover Photo Source: Macarena Gea)


Home Office

Have too many photos, notes, books, and writing instruments of different sizes and lengths on your desk? The combination of black & white decor can help make the space look less messy! Using furnitures with simple lines will further reinforce the succinct image a home office often needs. Also, it is really intriguing to watch the wood colours pop in what seems like a monochromic space, while it's really just the colour choices that highlight the beautiful wood textures.

Source: Alvhem Makleri
Source: Stylizimo Blog



Similar to home offices, kitchens and dining areas are often flooded with supplies too — various cookwares and dinnerwares can make the space look disorganized. Choosing kitchen accessories in black & white designs will help declutter the room visually!

Source: Macarena Gea
Source: 20 Kvadrat


Kids' Room

Again, where else in a home can look cluttered from time to time? Of course, the children's room! While they little humans are busy playing and being cute, they probably don't have much time nor energy to clean up after their own mess, leaving the parents endlessly picking up after them. Choosing black & white for the essential items in their rooms will significantly make the space look tidier to save moms and dads a few migraines!

Source: House Beds
Source: Macarena Gea



We all know how a good night of sleep can make us feel refreshed and has many other health benefits. After a long day, sometimes it might be difficult to loosen up and unwind in a matter of minutes, which is why choosing a relaxing colour palette is an important aspect in decorating bedrooms. No matter what colour your bedroom walls are, black & white bedding will go nicely with your paint choice as well as help to create a calm and restful environment, promoting better sleep quality.

Source: Ella Seal
Source: Stadshem
Source: Jasmina Bylund


Living Room

Bedroom isn't the only place for us to relax in. No matter you're watching TV, hanging out with friends and family, or just enjoying a good read, having a busy background with a mix of too many colours is stimulating and distracting. Minimizing your colour choices to just black & white can make the woodgrains on your floor stand out even more, and the leaves on your plants look even greener.

Source: Jasmina Bylund
Source: Stadshem

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