It's That Time of the Year - 25 Holiday Gifts We Love

With the holiday season fast approaching, have you started thinking what to get for your loved ones this year? Whether you're shopping for friends and family, or if you need a hostess gift for the Christmas party you're invited to, we've got 25 top picks to give the trendiest gifts in 2018. What's even better is that many of these are all on sale for the Black Friday weekend, so hurry before the good deals are over! (Cover Photo Source: Raw Pixel)


24 cups of cozy

The holiday season doesn't get any better than cozying up next to the fireplace sipping on a warm cup of tea or coffee. Thankfully there are tea and coffee advent calendars with unique and festive blends to countdown the mornings until Christmas with you! Of course, if you prefer alcoholic options, there are booze advent calendars out there too. 

Amitea Organics Tea Advent Calendar, $64.52 on
Yawn Coffee Advent Calendar, $38.72 on


Perfect Hosts and Hostesses

For those friends and family who like to invite guests over, there is no such thing as too many pitchers or serving wares. Whether you're actually serving from them or using them as decor, you can't go wrong gifting these dining accessories! 

Acadian Wooden Cake Plate with Glass Dome, from $56.90 on
Eston Pitcher, $49.99 on
Naturally Cooling Ceramic Carafe, $48.99 on
Kala Marble Board and Platter, $69.99 on
Hand Scraped Wooden Serving Board, from $35.90 on


Stylish Mom with Young Toddlers

She's up several times a night. She's either feeding or pumping. She's busy caring for her family while making time to meet up with friends and family who want to catch up and see her kids. She's got no time to pamper herself. Here are some gifts to remind these superwomen that she's gotta take care of herself first before taking care of others. 

Women's Warm Plush Indoor Slippers, from $19.99 on
Wall Hanging Growth Chart, $19.90 on


Tech Enthusiasts

We all know a friend who is all about home gadgets and latest technologies. These gift ideas will definitely be their favourite new toys for a while! 

 All-new Echo Show (2nd Generation), $299.99 on



The Romantics

No matter if you know someone who loves romantic atmosphere or if you are planning a surprise for your partner, you can't go wrong with some sparkling string lights! 

LED Globe String Lights, $20.90 on
LED Waterproof Starburst Hanging Light, from $36.90 on
LED Glass Jar Fairy Lights, from $20.90 on


Plant Moms

Green thumb or not, taking care of plants at home is definitely therapeutic. If you know someone who can't leave the store without a couple new plant additions, these are the perfect gifts for them!

Brass Plant Mister, $40.96 on
ZOETSTUDIO Cacti Candle, $24.00 on


Party Kings and Queens

The holiday season is a time of gatherings, which is also a great opportunity to play party games! Playing games is not only a great way to keep your brain sharp, but also it's a conversation starter that bonds the group together with endless topics and laughter! 

Balderdash Game, $18.54 on

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