Countdown in Style - 10 Trendy Advent Calendar Ideas

While advent calendars aren't needed to let us know Christmas is coming, it's hard to say no to revealing 24 daily gifts leading up to Christmas Day, which makes the anticipation even more exciting. Although typically aimed for children, there are no reason why adults can't enjoy the countdown, too — not in terms of legal drinking age, but there are definitely delicious wine advent calendars out there for those who're interested. With December coming up tomorrow, we're starting to see an abundance of beautiful Christmas advent calendars. Read on to see our 10 favourite advent calendar ideas, ready to help you make the most of this holiday season! (Cover Photo Source: Kate's Creative Space)


Instead of preparing 24 gifts and opening one each day, how about adding something Christmas-themed to the advent calendar space each day in December leading up to December 25th?


For those who are good with DIY crafts, don't throw away your toilet paper rolls until you have 24 of them — because they look so darn good as advent calendars!

Source: North Story


Since most advent calendars are quite small in size, they usually contain small things you would find as stocking stuffers, too. If small treats aren't your thing, advent calendars can also be envelopes which could hold activity cards, so you and your loved ones have something fun & Christmas-themed to do for the 24 days before Christmas.


Or, here is a personal favourite. This creative blogger at Bloglovin' made this dipped bottles advent calendar and thought up this idea:

"Next year each time there is a special or memorable moment I'm going to note it down, fold it up and fill a bottle with it. Then when December rolls around I'll have 25 memories to enjoy from the year!"
How ingenious is that?

Source: Fall for DIY


For those minimalist-to-the-core peeps who want to enjoy the fun in counting down to Christmas as well, here are some natural minimalist style advent calendars to go with your home aesthetics. The secret? Paper bags!

Source: Elisabeth Heier
Source: Mood Feather
Source: Homey Oh My


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