A Different Look A Day - 40+ Unique Homes with Chalkboard Walls

Not only are chalkboards fun for being creative (for both children and adults), but also they can be classy and practical additions to your home! Having a chalkboard wall is an instant character booster for any home that needs a statement design feature. Read on to discover 40+ ways to renew an ordinary wall into a functional yet decorative chalkboard wall! (Cover Photo Source: DIY)



Chalkboard walls look best in prominent areas at home: kitchen for one. It is where family gather for food every day, so why not put your reminders for each other & grocery lists here, not to mention that the blackboard finish makes it automatically a feature wall!

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Another reason to have a chalkboard wall in the kitchen is to integrate your most used recipes into a phenomenally elegant background — a show piece on its own!

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Dining Rooms

Close to the kitchen, dining rooms are one of the focal zones in a home. Want to create a relaxing and fun atmosphere or display the wines you love for the guests you're entertaining? A chalkboard wall can do the job perfectly!

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Home Offices

Home office is another space where chalkboard walls are often installed. You can keep track of work left to be done, jot down ideas for your ongoing projects, display inspirational quotes et cetera all on the same wall!

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Chalkboards are great for perpetual calendars due to their great erasability. Keep your chalkboard calendar somewhere the entire family walks by frequently, and use hooks and magnets to organize small items such as receipts etc. for the month!

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Wall Décor

Since chalkboards are so easily erasable, they are great for transforming spaces from season to season — or from day to day, all depending on your what your décor inspirations take you!

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For Kids

We all agree that children love drawing. Instead of being scared of them drawing on the wall at home, a chalkboard wall is a great outlet for the little artists to unleash their natural drawing instincts! Besides, this is also a great way of making memories with your little ones.

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Doodling Space

Not only children enjoy doodling, many adults do too. If you're the kind of person who likes to sketch and scribble here and there, let your creativity be the best decoration for your home on a chalkboard wall!

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Although chalkboard walls are usually installed in rooms where family spends the most time together, we love how they look in bedrooms, too. With a chalkboard wall in the bedroom, you can sleep anywhere your imagination & drawing skills take you. Draw a different headboard every day, and sketch a chandelier in the room any time you want to!

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Source: Interior Idea


DIY with Chalkboard Paint

Feeling crafty? Aside from your typical black and green, chalkboard paints come in an array of colours and are available for sale at many hardware stores. You can add an area of chalkboard anywhere you'd like — fridge door, the inside of your kitchen cabinet, or a wall-hung wood frame — wherever you see & spend time the most often at home!

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Some considerations about chalk dust: First of all, the amount of time we actually spend on writing and erasing on the chalkboard is relatively small compared to the amount of time we spend admiring it. Secondly, there are now dustless chalks are liquid chalks as solutions. In addition, if we erase our chalkboards with a wet towel, there would be hardly any dust. Good chalkboard paints are usually water-resistant, so we won't have to worry about causing mold growth on the chalkboards while using a wet towel. For those who've always wanted a chalkboard wall but couldn't make up your mind, hope we've helped you to finally embrace your true desire!

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