Summer Inspired - Tour a Colourful 430sqft Studio in Moscow

In Moscow, Russia, a dream team from In2 Architecture designed a comfortable studio for a young couple. To make the most out of its 430sqft (40sqm) space, the designers carefully zoned the layouts by identifying the main functional areas. Sleep and work areas are grouped together, which is semi-divided from a combined open space of living room, dining room, and kitchen. With the limited space, we were especially impressed that the team managed to give the apartment a cozy bar area at the enclosed balcony, and even a laundry room. Read on to get inspirations for ingenious small space designs! (Photos from: Int2 Architecture)


▼The sleeping area doubles as a home office.Love these chic & modern wire chairs? Us too! Get them here →


▼A pony wall separates the sleeping space from the living area without sacrificing the studio's openness.


▼The half wall is conveniently wired with plugs and a bedside lamp. 


▼The living room shares space with the dining room and kitchen. Walls on the either ends have matching textures.Make a statement with this black and white area rug! Get it here →


▼We love the chalkboard wall which is not only decorative but also functional holding different kinds of herbs and spices.Recreate the spice jar chalkboard wall at home! Get them here →


▼The studio has an enclosed balcony, which the designers turned into a bar area for the couple to enjoy sunny mornings & romantic evenings with view.Who would know an eye chart can be so decorative? Get it here →


▼Kudos to the design team who made a laundry room possible in this small-space apartment!Never forget what wash care symbols mean with these decals! Get them here →

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