Repurpose - 17 Creative Ideas to Upcycle Pallets

With the increasing awareness of environmental issues, people's taste in wood products is changing. Although refined polished wood was considered beautiful in the past, this kind of carpentry produces a lot of waste. Aside from this fact, people are starting to be inclined towards more natural-looking products - and better yet products with stories behind their making. This trend makes abandoned wood the best material to satisfy the emerging needs, and pallets, that we use in freight, are probably the most common abandoned wood we see in our everyday life. Here are 17 DIY ideas to upcycle pallets into amazing designs! (All photos from: Côté Maison)


1. Pallets with cushions, pillows, and throws become a sofa set. Add another pallet and top it with glass, you'll get a new side table. How cool is this living room? 


2. DIY home theatre made with pallets for the win! 


3. Day bed? Yes, please!


4. This easy kitchen in a studio utilises the space between pallets for storage!


5. If you line the pallets on a wall, you can even grow your own living wall!


6. Or simply place potted plants on them.


7. This industrial style meeting room creatively uses pallets as tables!


8. Displaying your merchandises on the pallets that carried them over is as economical as it gets!


9. A suspended platform made of pallets brings the outdoor hammock indoors. How romantic!


10. This store brings upcycling to a new height - its walls, floor, and even display tables are made of pallets.


11. Love this unrefined coffee table - a statement piece that sets the tone of this rustic living room!


12. They can even form a vanity console!


13. After sanding and staining, these pallets are transformed into a uniquely stunning headboard!


14. When put together properly, pallets can build the kitchen island of your dreams!


15. Pallets as bed frame - a refreshing look!


16. Painted with the colours you like, this pallet is now an entryway coat hanger!


17. With some simple painted lines and wheels, this DIY mobile storage box is looking good!


When pallets are damaged, they sometimes get sent back to the factory for repair. However, instead of paying shipping fees, some stores might be happier to give them away! Next time when you visit a nursery or a wholesale store, look around for stacked pallets in a corner; if you ask the store owner for some pallets, you might be pleasantly surprised what you can get for a small price - or even free!

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