These Are the Rising Stars - 5 Home Décor Trends for 2018

While we are devoted to timeless décor, it's hard to consciously avoid trends as they are merged in the stores and restaurants we visit regularly. Eventually, they creep into our homes with some marble coasters here and some brass accents there — which isn't entirely a bad thing. Just like someone who dresses nicely isn't only about personal style (but the pieces that make the outfits feel current too), the best interiors are supposed to harmoniously mix personality with trendy accents. Judging from increases in popularity (searches, likes, shares, hashtags etc.), we have gathered 5 home decor trends that are on the rise for 2018! The best part is, these trends can all seamlessly blend into most interior styles. (Cover Photo Source: Casa Cook Hotels)


1- Black & White

These shades are honestly all-time classics. While fashion trends often introduce bold colours, black and white are essentials that are never forgotten. With the mudcloth designs becoming more and more popular, the black and white contrast is also making its way back to current trends. This dichromic mix will visually pop in any space and bring a sense of balance to ground your interior decor.

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2- Wabi sabi

The Japanese concept of wabi sabi celebrates imperfection, which shows the deepest respect for mother nature by accepting the beauty in natural flaws. Wabi-sabi elements like coarse wood grains and relaxed linen fabrics not only are beautiful on their own, but also they blend too well with Scandinavian interior designs, resulting in a new design movement — Japandi — which is catching like wildfire in 2018 as well.


3- Monochrome Spaces

With digital technology granting us more and more convenience, we are often overwhelmed by too much information and distractions at the same time. Therefore, there will be a higher demand in simple peaceful designs for everyday living spaces, and tone on tone is an easy way to achieve that. Although combining palettes in the same colour family brings visual tranquility in the space, it requires a lot of discipline to maintain it — imagine there is an accent table that you really love, but it doesn't come in the colour that matches with your room.

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4- Natural Elements

On a relevant line with monochromic design and wabi-sabi concept, bringing natural elements indoors in their raw states is also a design trend that focuses on creating a more calm and relaxing interior. The result is profoundly organic and personal. Since appreciating the roughness takes time to get used to for certain people, it is the safest to select items that you see yourself adopting for a long time instead of simply following the trend. Only when the natural elements you choose become close to your heart, will they result in a space with long-lasting beauty that will stand the test of time.

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5- Shapely Accents

Another trend on the rise is curved and fluid designs in home furnitures and accents. We have already seen and expect to see a lot more shapely sofas, giving the traditional sectional a refreshing twist. If curved sofas reminiscent of the '70s aren't your thing, here are some ideas on utilising stones and woven baskets, whose shapes are naturally rounded, and their textures harmonize better with the other 2018 trends if you plan on adopting multiple uprising trends to give your home a makeover!

 Source: Digs Digs

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