Bedroom Makeover - 12 DIY Bedside Table Ideas

Having a bedside table like no others is the latest trend to decorate the bedroom. With some ropes and other objects you can find at home, you can make a bedside table yourself without spending a penny! French website Côté Maison presents us with a photo gallery of 12 gorgeous decorative ideas to give your bedroom a makeover. Read on to find out how these economical and creative DIY tips can help transform your bedrooms! (All photos from: Côté Maison)



1. The swing

With this inspiration straight from the fairytale, you can freely use the space underneath the dreamy swing! But be careful, if you like your glass of water or morning coffee by the bed, you might want to avoid the urge to sit on the swing at the same time.



2. The step stool

This antique stool adds personality to a bedroom with a low profile mattress. It is the perfect size for a reading lamp!



3. The antique wood case

The Australian owner of this charming bedroom really knows how to recycle & reuse! This antique wood case is in disguise as a nightstand, completely in its raw condition. With the graphic accessories complimenting its aged charm, this bedside storage is truly one of a kind.



4. The wicker armchair

Sure, an armchair can double as a bedside table, too. Adding a comfy bright-coloured cushion to the armchair does the trick to create that inviting ambiance for a book and a couple glasses of wine before bedtime!



5. The metal bin

Who would know that the industrial look of an old metal bin would go so well with the soft look of bedroom linens? The grey tone and the imperfections of the metal bin actually add a romantic touch to the bedroom decoration!



6. The hanging box

Feeling up for some woodwork? Two boxes, one above the other, make a perfect beside table alternative. The "drawer" version makes it possible to place objects inside for privacy and organization. The "shelf" version allows storage for cups and books. Both versions free up the floor for small spaces!



7. The blonde wood chair

In this bedroom, a simple chair serves as a bedside table. Thanks to its Nordic style in natural oak wood colour, it brings softness and simplicity to the decoration. The size of the seat is just enough to accommodate the necessities: a small lamp, some books, and some greenery.



8. The antique suitcases

This bedside set up is a beautiful and practical way to create more storage space in the bedroom. Now you have a place to put your alarm clock AND things you keep but rarely use: like chunky sweaters that your third aunt made you, yearbooks from your high school, or a teddy bear from your childhood.



9. The crate on wheels

Mounted on wheels, an old wood crate can transform into a trendy bedside item. This economical nightstand brings style and warmth to the room. Its shape allows it to showcase a beautiful stack of books.



10. The recycled drawer

Throwing out a broken old cabinet? Keep the drawers! You can repaint and reuse them as bedside storage! Just make sure to mount the drawer securely at the appropriate height, then you've got yourself a free nightstand.



11. The cube

Similar to fixing wood boxes to the wall, this simple sleek version gives an even more modern look to a small space. Despite its size, it is still sufficient to hold your bedside lamp and some books!



12. The ladders

You can easily find old ladders at antique markets. Repainting them or not, they are beautiful and serve as great bedside alternatives! This idea is especially suitable for those who have a lot of books to keep by their beds. 

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