Coffee Time - 11 Essential Coffee Machines for A Beautiful Kitchen

Coffee is indispensable in many people's lives. What's to drink to wake up your senses at 6:30am on a work day? Coffee. What's to drink at 11:00am on a relaxing Sunday morning? Coffee. And the list goes on as there are so many variations of coffee, each suitable for a different time and mood. Therefore, coffee machines become an essential when it comes to the "what machines get to stay on the kitchen counter list". Here we have put together a collection of beautiful kitchens equipped with various kinds of gorgeous coffee machines. If you are one of those "coffeeholics", you'll be happy to find that you're not alone! (Cover Photo Source: Katerina Dima)



Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

These machines make the "standard" coffee you'd expect when you order one from a restaurant. If you often ask for refills at a diner, having a good drip coffee maker at home is definitely a good investment!

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Moccamaster 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe in Polished Silver, $459.00


Stovetop Coffee Maker

Smaller in size and more inexpensive, these Italian moka pots use steam pressure to force hot water from a bottom chamber up through coffee grounds. Although the pressure isn’t high enough to achieve espresso extraction, the coffee they make is stronger and more complex than that brewed in a drip machine.

Source: Anu Reinson

Bialetti 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker in Silver, $46.00

Bialetti 4 Cup Venus Coffee Maker, $51.99



Espresso Machine

Also a drink on its own, espresso is the base of many coffees: americano, cappuccino, latte et cetera. If you like to have different kinds of coffees from time to time, having an espresso machine at home is probably the most versatile choice to satisfy your coffee cravings!

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Smeg Espresso Machine, $699.00


Single Serve Pod Coffee Maker

Although coffee pods aren't seen as a sustainable choice, it is still the machine of many people's choice due to its convenience — the smart design ensures the perfect water to coffee grounds ratio & temperature settings to make the process very fast and foolproof. Every cup is flavourful, aromatic and has a rich, silky crema. If you'd like to help with reducing waste, there are refillable pods available for corresponding brands, or choosing manufacturers with a recycling program (Nespresso for example) is an option too.

Source: Katerina Dima

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Source: Katerina Dima

Nespresso CitiZ&Milk Capsule Coffee Machine with Aeroccino Milk Frother, $339.00


Pour-Over Brewer

For coffee pros & enthusiasts, manual pour-over brewing devices can be more preferable since they let you control the water temperature and steeping time, both being deciding factors to customize your favourite cup!

Source: Coco Lapine Design

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Bodum 8 Cup Double Wall Pour Over Coffee Maker with Glass Handle, $50.00

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