It's Fall O'Clock - 19 Gorgeous Autumn Theme Decor Ideas

Traditionally being the harvest season, fall is many people's favourite time of year. There are simply too many things to love about fall: the pumpkin picking, the colourful foliage, the trick-or-treating, and not to mention the delicious seasonal foods like chestnuts, corns, persimmons, squashes et cetera to only name a few! With Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner, we've gathered some of our favourite autumn theme decor to celebrate this beautiful season's abundance! (Cover Photo Source: Liz Marie Blog)


Front Door

Fall makes the best entrance announcement with stunning red, orange, and golden leaves. Since outdoors is where we notice fall's arrival, it is naturally where we start decorating first too. Some of fall's bounty may be only suitable for the outdoors, like giant pumpkins that'll take up too much space indoors, chrysanthemums that prefer colder crisp air, and haystacks that'll be too messy inside the house. With these elements decorating your front door, the little ones in your neighbourhood will surely know that this house is definitely giving out candy on October 31 this year!

Source: Inspira Hogar
Source: Hobby Lobby


Dining Table

Since harvest season is giving us so many different types of tasty foods, fall is also a season of endless gatherings. How can we add even more spice (visually) to those pumpkin dishes, apple pies, and chestnut roll cakes? The answer is: you can decorate your table with these ingredients in their raw state! Collect, wash, and dry some fall-coloured leaves to add embellishing touches to the centerpiece, and voilà, you're all set.


Living Room

Even for those who aren't entertaining guests, there's no reason to not celebrate fall with some seasonal decorations. We love the idea of displaying an assortment of pumpkins and squashes in a tray on the coffee table — better yet add a cup of pumpkin spice latte to the picture, then it's absolute perfection!

Source: Jen Hamilton
Source: Liz Marie Blog


White Pumpkins

If your home has a more muted palette, you'll probably worry that fall's bright earthen tones won't blend in nicely with your interior decor. Thankfully there are white pumpkins! Although most kids seem to love good old traditional orange pumpkins more, in certain parts of your home, you can definitely decorate with some elegant-looking white pumpkins, too! Not only are they a pleasure to look at, they are edible just like orange pumpkins, and they can keep for months in a dry environment.


Faux Pumpkins

While pumpkins in their natural state are already awesome, sometimes a bit of unusualness can add sparks to the scene — exactly explains why fabric and painted pumpkins with faux stems are becoming very popular in fall's decorating ideas! Taking shape of what is typically a food ingredient, faux pumpkins can be made of interesting materials like velvet, burlap etc, which takes away pumpkin's edibility but amplifies its decorative features. We are enormously inspired by the creative handy makers on the internet!

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