Artful Living - 10 Home Library Ideas to Make Books Decorative

Love a good read or two? Or 1,000? Although e-books are more and more common, many people still prefer reading a physical book — your finger can feel the paper texture as you turn the pages, and books don't need to be charged like e-readers do. If you're one of those people, you must have a considerable amount of books at home, and you must know the pain of how an accumulation of books can quickly make a space look quite messy. Here are some wall library design ideas for you to organize and showcase your precious book collections. Consider this your permission to go crazy at the next book sales event! (Cover Photo Source: Shannon McGrath via Design Plus Magazine)


Home Office

Having books in the home office is the most intuitive set-up, and not only does it look good, but also it makes the space seem like a scholar's office even though the books could all be fiction novels. In all seriousness, it really makes sense to incorporate your book collection in the same space where you desk is at home. Whatever musings your reads bring to your mind, it's always nice to be able to write them down right away.

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Living Room

Have you ever walked into a bookstore, smelled the particular scent that a jungle of books has, and smiled? If you install floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in your living room, your guests will probably have the same experience, too. Or, if you don't have enough books to fill wall shelves, they actually work pretty well as side tables when they're stacked up on the floor!

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Ladders are a recurring theme in many personal libraries — which makes sense since when you don't have enough floor space, you go up (if you happen to have a high ceiling). The vertical expansion of bookshelves naturally needs a ladder for easier access, but we all know that aside from being very functional, a beautiful ladder is essential to any library dream. Just imagine yourself curling up in these home libraries in a blanket and a cup of tea (or coffee or hot chocolate)!

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One space that is often left blank and unused in people's homes is the irregular-shaped wall by the stairs. Look at these ingenious designs that save space in the living area while utilising the stair steps to make every book reachable without a ladder! Perhaps we all need to reconsider before putting up a photo wall in the staircase next time.

Source: El Mueble
Source: Paul Cremoux



Another often-forgotten wall space is the doorway. Many people buy cabinets and bookshelves to put on either sides of the door, but why should we be constrained and ignore the perfectly good space above the door? Taking the extra time to shop for (or custom order) the perfect size bookshelves will make the space look clean and well-put-together. This is exactly how you turn your book collections into designer-level decor pieces!

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