Patio Season – 10 Ideas for Creating Unique & Relaxing Outdoor Spaces

With the weather warming up, it is officially time to spend all day out in the sun again. Is your patio ready? Creating a comfy outdoor space is more than simply throwing just any table and chairs together. Whether you have a balcony or a backyard, we've got you covered. Here are 9 creative inspirations to make your own cozy one-of-a-kind patio this summer! (Cover Photo Source: Francis Amiand for Yatzer)  


 1. Dress up an old picnic table with a tablecloth and some seat cushions. (Photo source: Mia Mortensen)


2. Create a semi-open outdoor space with water-resistant curtains for more privacy & to stay warm when it gets chilly at night. (Photo source: Krivitski)


3. Got a balcony patio with a view? Try a bar style set-up to better see the outside & conserve space while having your favourite drinks and snacks right in front of you! (Photo source: Lykasova)


4. Of course, the roomier the hanging chair the better! (Photo source: Molly Culver for Camille Styles)


5. Rattan or hammock, adding a hanging chair will dial up the dreamy factor on a patio! (Photo source: Lynne Knowlton


6. Talking about dreamy, we can't forget about 'em swings. (Photo source: Larissa Catossi)


7. Size up the swing idea, and you've got yourself a hanging daybed to rock yourself to dreamland. (Photo source: Sara Danielsson)


8. An easier alternative to hanging daybeds is of course — a hammock! (Photo source: Lisa Smith)


9. Pallets are not only budget friendly when building your own DIY furniture, but also they make a wonderful upcycling material — sustainability is chic! (Photo source: Diny Terpstra)


10. Lastly, to protect ourselves from strong afternoon sun glares, some kind of cover on the pergola is often necessary. Instead of the common flowy drapes, a permanent solution is to install wattle screens (of willow, bamboo, or hazel branches etc) which you can easily clean by hosing it down. We love the light filtering effect! (Photo source: Anson Smart

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