Double the Creativity - 15 Home Office Ideas for Couples

As internet becomes a part of our lives, many people choose to work from home nowadays. While working from home clearly has several advantages, perhaps the most important one is that you get to create a comfy, functional and inspiring space according to your own needs and taste. Once the perfect office furniture pieces are laid out in the perfect set-up, not only the atmosphere but also your general well-being will improve along with the work space quality. While it's relatively easy to find the ideal set-up for a one-person home office, the real challenge begins when the partner or the entire family also need to share the space. Let's take a look at some home office layout ideas for couples and find out the best design for your own home workspace! (Cover Photo Source: Avenue Lifestyle)  


Side by Side

Probably the most intuitive design, and also the easiest way to instantly share ideas while working together, setting up two computers side by side allows you to take a quick glance at your partner's monitor to discuss each other's progress. It's also a great way to save space because it only takes up one wall in any space: den, bedroom, or even hallway. (Respective photo source: Elle DecorationIKEALin en HoninghInt2 Architecture, and Toshiyuki Yano)


Face to Face

If being able to always see what your partner is doing on the screen is proving to be too distracting, setting up your computers with their backs facing each other might just help you focus better! Although you are now sitting face to face, chances are you might even forget there’s another person working right across from you since you’re both behind computer screens. (Respective photo source: Kina Wicks for The Every GirlIkeaBlupics, and Pavel Vetrov & Aleksandr Zenzura) 



If you and your partner work together from home on a daily basis, dedicating a space solely for work will be beneficial to your efficiency and health in the long run. Instead of settling for something that are not designed for the office, consider investing in office furniture pieces like ergonomic chairs and standing desks — they may not be the most beautiful things you've seen, but they will encourage you to sit up straighter & move more instead of just slouching over the computer screens all day. Your back and neck will thank you! (Respective photo source: Riikka KantinkoskiIkea, and Country Living)


Corner Office

Whether or not you're actually placing your desk in a corner by the window, using L-shape desks in your home office set-up is a good way to help increase usable working area. That way, when your project isn't on the computer, or when family members are battling for space in a home office, you will have an empty desk readily available to use instead of having to move your monitor & keyboard to make space. (Respective photo sources: Be True Baby and Sogno Design Group) 


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