Country Farmhouse - Tour an Energy Efficient Japanese Mountain Villa

A contemporary Japanese mountain villa sits at the base of Yatsugatake Mountains with a thriving vegetable garden surrounded by natural fields. Designed by MDS for an elderly couple retiring from the city to Hokuto, Japan, this villa was built facing the south side of the mountains, so the interiors can benefit from as much natural light as possible without too much afternoon glare in the summer. By arranging the building in a fan shape, each room of the house has a slightly different view, adding interesting depths to what meets the eye every day. The farmhouse-style home has walls panelled with rice paper windows on the north and south sides, not only do they help with air circulation, but also they absorb most of the sun’s heat, naturally cooling the indoor space on the warmer days. Made with energy efficiency in mind, the home uses passive cooling and wood stove heating, so the owners can live without electrical heaters and air conditioners. Natural materials like oak wood and plaster are used in the interior to keep the design easy on the environment and the eye. (Photo source: Toshiyuki Yano for MDS)  


▼ The villa is covered in wood and roofed in steel. (Photo source: Toshiyuki Yano for MDS)


▼ Rice paper windows help with air circulation & cooling. (Photo source: Toshiyuki Yano for MDS)


▼ The common space has a Japanese-style living room lined with tatami mats(Photo source: Toshiyuki Yano for MDS) 


▼ The white plaster gently contrasts with the warm colour of the timber flooring and built-in furniture. (Photo source: Toshiyuki Yano for MDS)


▼ This spacious hallway is also a home office for the elderly couple, requiring very little electrical lighting since the large windows let in lots of natural light. (Photo source: Toshiyuki Yano for MDS)


▼ Each room of the house has its own unique view. (Photo source: Toshiyuki Yano for MDS)

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