Still Stylish - 19 Oriental Rugs Looking Flawless in Modern Settings

In the ever-changing interior decor trends, oriental rugs seem to be always staying in the game. From the light Moroccan nomad style, to bold Persian spicy tones, oriental rugs surely look gorgeous in combination with many different styles, including Scandinavian interiors! In contrast with the pale palettes widely used in Scandinavian homes, adding some dark red, classic oriental elements indeed brings visual warmth to the space with rich colours, making the light colours seem lighter, and the bold colours seem bolder. An authentic antique oriental rug can be very pricey depending on its knot density, material, size, condition, age et cetera. These rugs maintain their value when preserved well, and the rich history and craftsmanship behind them will never go out of style. However, not everyone thinks the country of origin, weaving technique and material are the most important factors when choosing rugs. In that case, oriental style rugs can be found in almost every carpet store. Here we have selected 15 stunning Scandinavian interiors with oriental rugs. Read on to find out how these classics look just as amazing in contemporary settings! (Cover Photo Source: Thomas Dahl)


▼Oriental rugs go nicely with black and white interior.

Image Source: Chris Patey


▼Oriental rugs have a vintage spirit, so classic furniture pieces go very well with them.

Image Source: Domino Magazine


▼Oriental rugs have been popular since the 19th century, which means they also fit in perfectly with antique furniture pieces.

Image Source: Emily Henderson


▼A dark red rug goes surprisingly well in masculine rooms.

Image Source: Country Living


▼Oriental rugs add rich layers to the interior — somehow combining a few of them together look very modern.

Image Source: The Apartment


▼Rounded furniture pieces play a fun contrast with the geometric designs typically seen on an oriental rug.

 Image Source: Amber Interiors


▼When there is a variety of different chairs around the dining table, a large area rug can be the element that ties all the furniture pieces together.

Image Source: Andrea Papini via Elle Decor


▼The wear and tear in an old rug are the traces of life, which goes perfectly with a wall of book collections that tells endless stories.

Image Source: Little Green Notebook


▼In the bedroom, this large oriental rug makes an excellent statement piece although it's partially pushed under the bed.

Image Source: Katie Hodges Design


▼The bold colours add liveliness to the pale home. This space would look completely different without the pop of colours!

img src="//" alt="" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" /> Image Source: Thomas Dahl


▼A dark red rug with patterns isn't afraid of a little dirt and splashes, which is why this white kitchen is the perfect home to this oriental rug.

 Image Source: The Billberg Family on Hus & Hem


▼This dark red rug may just be what this almost-all-white living room needs as a stabilizing element.

 Image Source: Matilda Johnson


▼Isn't it nice when you don't have to step on cold floors? These rug runners not only warm up the view, but also your toes!

img src="//" alt="" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" />Image Source: Houzz


Living room furniture pieces are often plain and modest. Is adding a colourful gallery wall not enough? Consider a large oriental rug to create even more contrast with your solid colour sofas and the rest of the room.

Image Source: Elle Decoration


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