So Chic - 8 Accessories for an Instant Dose of Boho

Bohemian home décor was the trend a few years ago. Then there was Scandinavian minimalist. Now, with the ever-changing trends, history inevitably repeats itself. You guessed right...  Bohemian style is back with a twist! Being an invitation to travel to distant horizons, Boho style is magical in that it transforms our home interiors into inspirations to allow us for a sense of escape while staying in. Of course we can't completely change our décor every time something becomes popular, but we can easily add some details here or there to satisfy our desire for novelty in our home. Bohemian décor is above all an art of living, a desire to discover different craftsmanships, and an avenue to learn the world's cultures — which can conveniently be integrated into our daily lives because it blends so well with different styles and materials. Feeling inspired? Here are 8 tips to bring an instant Boho touch to your home! (Cover Photo Source: Idea Awards)


Mixing Patterns

Using a mixture of different plaids and textiles sends off a colourful and warm tonality to your space. To declare your Boho spirit, the area rugs may come from Morocco, the wall decorations probably from India, and other exotic fabrics from Africa — all coexisting to create a harmony of contrasts collected from your travels!

Source: Liv Corday


Ethnic Design Pillows

The fastest way to bring Boho spirit into your home is through pillow and cushion covers. From Kantha to kilim textures, a variety of different ethnic style pillows will make your home full of personality!

Source: Elle
Source: The Beach Lodge


Graphic Rugs

Placing cozy rugs that match the graphics of the pillows on the sofa also adds a Boho vibe to the room!

Source: Opdeschop
Source: Westieland



Plants are indispensable in current decoration trends, including Boho style. Their presence magically makes a room full of textiles look refreshing and vibrant!

Source: Bonjour Chiara
Source: Brit+Co
Source: Rafaela Coelho


Jute Planter

Derived directly from nature and braided... Nothing says Boho more than jute baskets!

Source: Bodie and Fou


Hanging Planters

While we're on this topic, to create an even fuller look of greeneries, hanging planters — especially macramé ones — are often on the list of must-have's to create a Boho interior design.

Source: What She Said
Source: 99 Architecture


Old Carafes

Find some old carafes your parents or grandparents don't use anymore, and use them as vases — instantly Bohemian!

Source: Koffietijd
Source: Westieland


Wool Wall Hangings

You must have seen these before, and the authentic handmade ones are still so good! Patterns of braided wool knitted on a piece of drift wood, these dreamy wall hangings have become the definition of Boho design today!

Source: A Little Market
Source: Hemoon
Source: Room Clip

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