Essential Comfort - 28 Poufs to Add Character to Any Space

While ottomans are fantastic furniture pieces that can increase the functionality of a room and dramatically change its ambiance, ottomans often come with storage spaces inside, and poufs are more decorative and comfy. We adore poufs especially not only because their direct placement on the floor makes them a cozy lounging choice, but also because they make a fun contrast with other legged furnitures, filling in the empty lower half to balance the room's visual proportion. They are good for resting your feet (instead of on your coffee table next to your food and drinks), and since they are light and easy to be moved around, they can be additional seats when you have a large party of guests. We picked 28 poufs that will be game changers in your living space. Continue reading below to find out how you can efficiently add character to any room in your home! (Cover Photo Image Source: West Out East)



Every home has a style, and every room does too. Although not just any pouf can match your unique style, white (especially knitted and braided ones) ones can usually fit in with most spaces. Whether it's for your cabin in the mountains or your loft somewhere in the heart of a city, these textured white poufs will make a statement in your favourite room!

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If you have pets or young children at home, white poufs might not be the best choice because of how easily they get dirty. Grey is a great colour to hide minor stains, not to mention that it brings visual warmth to the room, and it goes well with almost any furniture. Whether the fabric is in twill, suede, felt, microfiber, polyester, or cotton, grey poufs will add comfort to your room. Whether the shape is round, square, rectangle, or oval, their neutral tone will always be in harmony with the warmth of wood, rugs, and sofas in your home. Need more function than decoration? Just add a tray on top of your pouf, and you've got a temporary accent table!

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Black Leather

When it comes to poufs, one of the first things to consider is its material, which makes dramatic differences in achieving different decorating styles. Leather is a very popular choice for accent furnitures like poufs because it is durable and comfortable. This material matches perfectly within mid-century modern designs, which can add Scandinavian style to your home instantly. So if you are looking for a pouf to put your feet up or entertain guests, leather - especially black leather - is a great choice.

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Colours and Patterns

Now you've seen enough shades, do you still feel like your room needs a little bit of colour or patterns? If you have a colour theme in your space, using a pouf in the same conformity will be very complimenting to your home design. Otherwise, adding different colours, textures, and patterns will bring vibrancy to your monochromatic decoration anyways!

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Where to Buy

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