Open House - Welcome Tour of a Lived-In Apartment in Stockholm

This perfect little apartment in Stockholm has a soft and light colour scheme. The neutral palette mixed with wooden floors and furnitures makes the space look amazingly bright, yet so cozy and warm at the same time. This genius balance between airiness and earthen tones is achieved by the talented interior styling team at Fantastic Frank, a European real estate agency who masters the art of bringing out distinctive characters in different homes and finding the right personalities to become their new owners. Let's take a look at this charming 743 sq. ft. Scandi home! (All Photos From: Fantastic Frank)


▼The first impression when you enter the apartment is a typical Scandinavian kind of subtle neutral colour scheme. The living space is made to look bright and spacious with soft light colour tones, which gives the common area a calming feel. Against the white walls, the paintings and the rich red oriental rug stand out even more, sending out artistic vibes. 


▼Stepping out of the living room, the hallway is decorated with a surprisingly bold graphic wallpaper, which is an interesting transition between the living room and the kitchen. The colourful floral pattern resembles the amazing Marimekko from Finland, also a popular choice to make a Scandinavian style design statement.


▼Tucked away in the hallway is the washroom and shower room. Although the two spaces are separated, the tile designs are persistently white, making both areas look spotlessly clean. From the mirror reflection, we can see an interesting contrast between the colourful wallpaper out in the hallway and the stark white tiles inside the washroom.


▼Back in the living room, there is another door leading to a bedroom lined with a different floral wallpaper from the one in the hallway — this one is designed in softer hues, giving off a more feminine, serene feel. The dollhouse and story books suggest the room's occupant being a young child, who possibly drifts away to sweet dreams in fairyland when sleeping in this dreamy bedroom.


▼On the other side of the apartment is the kitchen. The colour choice becomes consistent with the living room again. The light neutral palette goes very well with the simplicity and uniformity in this space. The combination of light grey, natural wood, and white are indeed inseparable in Scandinavian interior design. Of course, home plants adding greenery accents is also a must to bring liveliness and warmth to the apartment. From the kitchen, we can peek into another bedroom, which is decorated in a similar soft palette.


▼Stepping into this bedroom, the plain colours make the picturesque view outside the window the first thing anyone would notice upon entering. The soft pistachio green wall paint not only is restful, but also complements the natural outdoor landscape the Nordics especially love.


▼Talking about view, there is no ending this apartment tour without showing you the indispensable balcony — a must-have to seize the beloved sunny days in Scandinavia!


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