Clean & Bold - 18 Black Ceilings You'll Want to Have at Home

Black ceilings may sound like they would look overwhelming and dreary, but we've been coming across beautiful spaces with stunning black ceilings that prove this assumption wrong. When paired with layers of warm texture (like wood and linen), the room looks surprisingly fresh and cozy. Painting the ceiling dark emphasizes contrast in a space. Not only does it draw attention to the details of the room, but also it can conceal any unevenness in the ceiling. A black ceiling magically makes a high ceiling look lower and a low ceiling look taller, making the space feel especially sophisticated and intimate — whether it is your living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, home office or bedroom. Better yet, they go perfectly with mid-century, coastal, and even farmhouse styles. Or, if you already have a black & white theme going on, a black ceiling completes the look. Here are 18 spaces transformed by dark dramatic ceilings! (Cover Photo Source: Minacciolo)


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