Box 'Em Up - 30 Ways to Repurpose Old Wood Crates

Beautifully old-fashioned and made with weathered wood, antique crates have evolved from utility objects par excellence to charming decorative elements in our homes. These wooden boxes continue their noble legacy thanks to their timeless style and rustic aspect. Decorating with crates has become a popular trend; its versatility and functionality have not gone unnoticed, which together with its decorative value allow us to create practical, original and personalized spaces in our homes. In addition, wooden boxes can perfectly adapt to almost any decorative style, so depending on what inspires you, they can be turned into a corner of retro, vintage, industrial, nordic, cottage, or shabby chic etc. If you have a chance to reuse some crates — maybe fruit or wine boxes — let your creativity run free, and we promise you'll be pleasantly surprised! There are endless possibilities to repurpose these amazing wooden boxes. We have found 30 ideas for finding inspirations about wood crates and turning your place into a magazine home! (Cover Photo Source: Cool Material)



Given the reason for why crates were made in the first place, it is no surprise that the first thing comes to mind when we think about repurposing them is to use them as extra storage at home. Whether it is at your entry way or children's rooms, crates will beautifully hold your miscellaneous accessories and toys.

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Books are something that will make your space look very messy if not placed well. Why not box them up?

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Kitchen Organization

We're always up for more storage room in the kitchen! They can be integrated as part of the under-counter storage, or they can be hung on the wall creating more room for the counter. Or of course they can also be placed directly on the counter to organize your spice jars!

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Need a home office? Two crates stacked on top of each other (times 2 for the feet), and add a wood plank on top, and voila! This ingenuity turns old wooden boxes into real furniture!

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Display Etagere

Whether it is for your planters, your guest tableware or your favourite photos, crates that are freely stacked together will be the best presentation set-up you've ever seen!

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Room Divider

Talking about stacking crates together, they can also be a room divider that doubles as a storage unit! Turn some of them around 180º, and you've got access to extra storage room from both sides.

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Bathroom Organization

Using crates in the bathroom is a safe bet to add some fresh originality while creating space for our toiletries.

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Wall Organization

For areas where having a real piece of furniture is too space consuming, fixing some crates onto the wall may just solve your storage problem in that room. Better yet, they decorate the wall so well!

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Full Wall

Love the time tested texture and want to see more of them at home? Try filling up an entire wall with crates in different sizes and designs, and we guarantee everyone who visits your place will be swept off their feet and be taking a million selfies in front of the wall!

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