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Masters Tea Set

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Maker / Tatsuo Umehara
Clay / Local red soil
Provenance / Tokoname, Aichi PrefectureIt

Being one of the six oldest kilns in Japan, Hokuryu Kiln is located in Tokoname, where pottery has flourished since late 1100s. The soil from the area is rich in iron, which makes the clay red once oxidized. Umehara became a third generation potter of Hokuryu Kiln at the age of 24 in 1998. Winner of The 29th Choza Award in 2000 and Tokyo Dome Tableware Festival in 2007, he is a young hope upholding the traditional methods of handmade teapots.

The rounded design of each Hokuryu teapot allows for optimal thermal conduction, suitable for teas that require high temperature, such as black tea, houjicha et cetera.

The spout is made on a potter's wheel, which allows for a spiral pattern on the inside the spout. With this pattern, tea does not flow in a straight line when it is poured – the tea comes out in a spiral, which means it flows slower, causing less spills and drips. 

The thinnest part of the teapot is only 3-4 millimetres, but the upper and lower parts are strengthened to support the lid and to withstand some force when being set on the table.

A high-precision ceramic mesh is also handmade out of clay then attached to the hand-thrown teapot. The built-in strainer is even more durable than its stainless counterpart. 

The finish product is a combination of lightness, ease of use, and high lid-to-body adhesion. Hand-crafted one by one, each teapot varies slightly, but every single one of them is capable of drawing out the ultimate fragrance in all kinds of tea leaves. 

Each set contains: 1 Hokuryu teapot made by Umehara, 2 porcelain teapots, and 2 wild cherry wood saucers. All made in Japan. 



20.4cm x 20.4cm x 15.3cm
8" x 8" x 6"

11cm x 14cm x 9.5cm, 240ml
4.3" x 5.5" x 3.7", 8oz

Tea cup
8.5cm diameter x 5.4cm, 110 ml
3.3" diameter x 2.1", 4oz

10.5cm diameter x 2cm
4.1" diameter x 0.8"


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