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There is an architectural element that has become a trend, and it has industrial-style metal structures to bridge the old time charm with modern designs. Although we didn't specifically look for it when we were gathering beautiful inspirational photos for our readers, this exciting trend repeatedly finds its way to our idea board — indoor glass walls composed of small glass windows with metal structure. This newly improved design has a mix between glass and thin steel profiles. The clean lines give the industrial provenance a Nordic-Scandinavian touch, making it suitable to add this dividing element to many homes of different styles without sacrificing the spaciousness or blocking the source of light from one space to another. You can either do a full glass wall with a door on it, or you can use it to cover only a fraction to separate rooms or areas within the same space, such as in bathrooms, kitchens, and dining areas etc. There are many customizations you can make to a glass wall, from the measurements to the thickness of the mullions and muntins, you'll be able to personalize whether your glass wall will have an elegant style, an industrial touch, or a vintage influence depending on your design. Or, if you can find an authentic piece of antique industrial window, nothing compares to that patina, texture, and weight of aged steel. Let's take a look at these 38 spaces with the recently revived gorgeous environment-separator! (Cover Photo Source: Gravity Home)



Although we usually like bedroom decorations to be full and cozy, it's not the same when it's the enclosing walls making the space feel crammed. Glass walls can relieve your claustrophobia! This idea is great for studios because it adds a feeling of spaciousness, and you will get light reaching each corner of the room. If you need privacy or prefer for the room to be dark sometimes for better sleep quality, simply add draperies on the inside to block out the light when necessary.

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Talking about dividing spaces, bathroom is one place in our homes that needs the most dividers. Not only do you need some kind of a wall/door going into the bathroom, you also need it for the shower/bathtub. While the simplicity of frameless glass walls and doors is beautiful and completely safe, a large piece of unprotected glass might give certain people an anxiety attack. In that case, a piece of industrial steel-framed glass will be the perfect alternative. Again, for those who need more privacy, frosted glass can be used to achieve a slightly different look. Although we've never been big fans of using dark grout against white tiles, applying the same idea to industrial glass wall is a different story: it can really be a game changer. Here are some examples of small bathrooms turned grand with beautiful finishes!

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Confined kitchen space is becoming a thing in the past. For those who are hesitant about a fully open floor plan because of the prep noise and ventilation concerns, industrial glass wall can act as partition between the kitchen mess and living space while warranting a sense of an open flow. Since the kitchen is usually designed to be easily accessible, these timeless glass walls are not only perfectly functional, they will also add aesthetic and decorative value to this centermost space in your home.

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Dining Room

There are no words to describe how much we love the way natural daylight magically transform a space! If there isn't a window in your dining room, installing glass walls (instead of a traditional drywall) between the dining room and wherever there is a window will allow more transfer of light to make your dishes look even tastier! Aside from providing natural lighting, while there is typically a lot of wood in dining room furnitures, adding a different material will bring character to your room. Steel is a cool, solid material that adds depth and texture to a space. With the contrasting textures, the uniqueness of each furniture piece is in fact enhanced and complimented by each other, and adding a glass door is a wonderful way to achieve that.

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Living Room

Sometimes separating environments can become a complicated task because closing off an area often means that we are making one big room into two small rooms. That is why glass walls are becoming increasingly popular since they can separate areas while maintaining visual connection between them. Take your living room for example, if it is right next to your dining room, you may want to distinguish some kind of a boundary between these two rooms, but adding a traditional wall will only obstruct the visual flow. This is the perfect opportunity to install a glass wall here in order to visually unite the space, and at the same time, you can take advantage of the natural light that enters by a neighbouring room's window.

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Into the Backyard

Glass walls are versatile pieces that can serve as a transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. They look phenomenal in both cases, but if it is important to keep in mind some privacy and heating concerns. If your side- or backdoor leads to a space where pedestrians can see or come in easily, you may want to consider adding a layer of draperies for certain times of day for added privacy. If you live in a city where it is very cold in the winter, extra heating may be necessary since glass doesn't retain heat as well. Otherwise, enjoy adding an industrial glass wall by your sun room — with some topiaries and climbing vines you'll even get a French bistro feel!

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You may have noticed that most glass wall photos we included above have accentuated black frames, but there are many more options! While really thin mullions and muntins make glass walls look so elegant while also allowing for more light to flow through, wood or aluminum frames in different colours definitely come close to making your visitors' jaws drop as well. Although wood frames won't be able to achieve those thin lines, they can be combined with French doors for a non-industrial glass wall application, which will yield a completely different, but just as beautiful ambiance.

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Source: Kannustalo

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