Organic & Bold - 11 Stunning Rooms with Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Have you noticed these broad leaf houseplants called fiddle leaf fig trees? They are everywhere on home-decor-related social media accounts: Instagram, Pinterest, home decor magazines et cetera – it is a trend! It seems like nearly every room that gets our attention has one of these. Their tall sculptural shape lends dramatic structure and natural element to the space. The waxy dark green foliage looks clean and defined even in tight corners, forming an excellent contrast with light neutral backgrounds (which have also been trending in the past couple years). Read on to find out how the "Home Decor Gurus" out there are decorating with these bold and organic beauties! (Cover Photo Source: Hunting for George)


Fiddle leaf fig trees like bright filtered light, so it is best to place them by a sunny window. Like Keely Mann here, whose Instagram account we follow faithfully, her fiddle leaf trees seem to be very happy in her bright & gorgeous home!

Source: Keely Mann
Source: Keely Mann


These trees can get quite big, so it is a good idea to keep in mind to re-pot them about once a year, allowing their roots to always have enough room to avoid circulation problems.

Source: Historiska Hem
Source: Mae Gabriel
Source: Oracle Fox


One common mistake when caring for fiddle leaf fig trees is overwatering, which is the cause of most foliage browning and falling. Feeling that these trees are finicky? They are indeed infamous for that. They certainly aren't the easiest houseplants to take care of, but the bold tropical atmosphere they bring to the space is worth the effort, no?

Source: Blooc
Source: Bloesem Living


Keeping fig trees in the bathrooms can simulate their original habitat since they are used to the still, warm conditions of the rainforest, and doing so also protect fig trees from drafts (from air conditioning or open windows etc.) which can cause the leaves to dry and drop.

Source: Oracle Fox

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