Living Dining Rooms - 12 Stunning Open Space Ideas

With open space concepts becoming an ongoing trend, a living room combined with a dining room is no longer limited to condominiums and lofts. A living dining room combination makes the shared space in your home seem extra roomy, and it is a wonderful area for the entire family to be together even when everyone is doing a different thing. If your living room and dining room happen to be next to each other at your home, and you are still debating whether or not to take down the wall between them, hesitate no more! Here are 12 gorgeous examples to convince you & some ideas on creating your dream living dining room! (Cover Photo Source: Fantastic Frank)



Deciding on a theme and sticking to it will ensure coherence since now the two rooms will be connected. Choose something that will be easy to work with, like if you have a lot of plants at home for example, that can be an excellent theme to reinforce the flow. In order for a living room and a dining room to be happily married, having a common goal for both parties is very important.

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Needless to say, living dining rooms share one wall, so naturally they will share the paint colours (or wallpapers), too. In order for the open space to feel even more spacious and uncomplicated, we see a lot of light-coloured walls in Scandinavian interiors, which is a smart move that we can easily replicate at home.

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Source: Fantastic Frank



One thing that requires more planning when designing a living dining room is to wisely coordinate the furniture pieces. While we want the furniture pieces to be relevant to each other (in terms of colour, design, texture et cetera), having the identical legs on your coffee table and dining table will make them look too much like a set, which yields a more traditional look — or even old-fashioned if not done right. To effortlessly achieve consistency, mixing furniture pieces in similar textures but of different designs is a trick to make the room feel more contemporary.

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Same goes for the accessories: If you have some grey pillows on the sofa, it might be a good idea to choose grey napkins for the dining table, too. That way, instead of feeling like a shared dorm room — where the roommates like completely different things, and each side of the room looks like its own country — your living dining room will officially be one large inviting open space.

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