Break All Rules - 12 Bold Gallery Wall Ideas

Every photo links to a memory. Sweet or bitter, it captures our feelings at the time. This is why photo walls are loved by so many people; each time we walk by the pictures, we can relive the unique moments spent with our friends and family. There are many design rules for how to hang photos and artwork "correctly", and Pottery Barn has a pretty awesome guide to reference. However, breaking some of these rules can transform artwork arrangement from "right" to "special". Here are 12 spaces with bold gallery wall layouts defying all rules about hanging art: no matching frames, no precise borders to measure — after all, what deserves more attention is a particular piece's meaning and importance to those who live in the home. (Cover Photo Source: MOEBE)


Traditionally, the outer edges of the frames on a gallery wall should somehow line up, creating a collage kind of effect.

Source: Pottery Barn


However, we're seeing more and more creative frame arrangements recently breaking free from symmetrical rules. For example, these abstract art pieces are hung with equal distances apart, descending from left to right. This kind of setup is fun while keeping a sense of balance.

Source: Margo


As much as symmetry and equal distances are nice, don't let them constrain your imagination!

Source: Stadshem


Although it makes sense to place your favourite pieces easily visible at eye level, building from there up to the ceiling and down to the floor can help maximize the wall space and create a dramatic impact.

Source: Dwell


Just like each person is different, each piece of artwork has its own story to tell, so instead of letting it be one of the many in a uniform array, allow it to have its own space & be its unique self.

Source: Stadshem


Because there is no strict spacing for the frames to follow, each individual piece stands out as opposed to blending in.

Source: Label Frei Me


Got a blank wall that has an irregular shape? Gallery-wall it! The result has an interesting geometric design touch that looks contemporary and refreshing.

Source: Yellows


This space has artwork filling up the entire wall around the doorframe, and as much as the wall is full, the simple neutral frame choices help the arrangement from feeling overwhelming.


Actually, although it's easier for many smaller pieces to fill up the wall, who says one enormous piece of artwork can't take up the entire space? This giant pin icon is a huge reminder for us to be here, to live the present, and to enjoy each moment to its fullest.

Source: Revista Ad


To create a curated atmosphere, try attaching sturdy cords to frames, and hang them from a ledge on the wall.


These floating frames with pressed plants are displayed in window panes. While the display visually plays with lines, it has a fun and subtle "frame within frame" ambience.

Source: MOEBE


A gallery wall can also display plates, mirrors, figures et cetera along with photos and art pieces. Ensuring for the different elements to stay within a certain colour palette will create homogeneity within the beautiful "chaos".

Source: My Domaine

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