Back to Basics - 25 Dreamy Kitchens with White Cabinets

We have never thought that our dream kitchen would have white cabinets, but as of recently, our idea board is flooded with pictures of kitchens in white, and we must admit... We love it! Since cabinets take up most of the wall space in the kitchen, the colour choice becomes the deciding factor that dominates the entire space. When there is already enough cluster in the kitchen, toning down the background noise is a smart choice, which means the simpler the better. Having a plain background also means that you have a canvas to sprinkle away your collections and creativities. Be it a statement-piece rustic island, or decorations to enliven the kitchen, they will stand out much more against white cabinets. Not only do white cabinets make the kitchen look extremely clean and bright, as a bonus, they also fit in perfectly with many current decorative trends: Nordic-Scandinavian style, cottage style, farmhouse style et cetera being just a few of them. White cabinets are this common in homes for a reason — they are not at all bland; they are timeless. Interested to take a look at what countertops and trims go well with white cabinets? Here are 25 chic kitchens you must see! (Cover Photo Source: Ikea)


Black Countertops

Black countertops adds definition and character to white cabinets, also creating a French bistro atmosphere, making it a popular choice for the romantics!

Source: Ikea
Source: Ikea


Grey Countertops

Grey is a fun mix between industrial and modern styles. Although a lot of grey countertop options are often made of concrete, the warm visual effect is contrary to the cool touch, so the kitchen looks very inviting!

Source: Ikea


White Countertops

Opting for white countertops will make the kitchen space look even bigger! Great for small space homes!

Source: Home Life
Source: Planète Déco
Source: Zillow
Source: Zillow


Wood Countertops

Possibly the most popular choice, wood countertops make the kitchen look completely organic and warm. The best thing about it: you won't hear clanging sounds when you set your tablewares down!

Source: Eat Well 101
Source: Decoracion
Source: Castorama
Source: House Beautiful
Source: Ikea
Source: PG Fotograf
Source: Lonny
Source: Ikea


Off White

Like you already know, there isn't just a shade of white. If you like a softer look, try porcelain white, eggshell white, or even ivory cabinets for your own version of a kitchen in white!

Source: Decor Report
Source: Home Designing

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