Subtle Luxury - Tour a Private Dream Home in Finland

This spacious and bright home in Finland is the definition of subtle luxury. Surrounded by serene window views, the interior has an almost plain yet elegant design, and the materials used are durable and good quality. Throughout the home, we can see the owner's love for wood. Old or new, the various tones of woodgrains add layers to the visual effect, making the space look warm and lived in. Despite the seemingly low key appearance, once visitors finish seeing the entire home, they will see what comfort the owners indulge in their everyday living. Let's tour the house together to find out what luxury elements are hidden in this dream home! (All photos in this article are from: Riikka Kantinkoski for Avotakka Magazine)


▼The spacious dining room can seat 8 people around the table, and 4 more at the bar counter. The kitchen cabinets are finished in glossy white, which is a perfect background to bring out the grains in the assorted wood furniture pieces — dining table, chairs, pendant light, bar cart, and bar counter trim. 


▼There are openings on the wall between the dining room and the hallway. These openings make the entire family area one large open space, allowing both sides of the home to be bright regardless where the light comes in. The daybed is a stylish addition which offers more comfortable seating than the dining room chairs & barstools. 


▼Here comes the first luxurious feature of the home: a gorgeous two-sided fireplace. Although most people can buy one with ease, if a fireplace were in a corner, it'll be impossible to move it to a wall without tearing up the entire room. Therefore, this is something that needs to be planned when building the house, or otherwise it'll require a renovation, hence the rarity and luxuriousness. 


▼The bedroom is a comfy space with lots of fluffy throws, pillows, and comforter. Hidden in here is another luxurious element that brings the comfort level up yet another notch: a double shower. While showering with your partner can be fun, but it's a little tight to do that in a standard one-person shower, especially when both people are in a hurry to finish their morning showers and get to work. Once again, this is something that requires a full bathroom renovation in order to enjoy the comfort a double shower has to offer. The linear drain and the the towel warmer add finishing touches, making the shower room feel even more indulgent. 


▼When we think of luxury homes, we almost automatically start looking for the wine cellar. This home for sure has one! The industrial wood, cast iron, and brick wall combination makes the room look straight out of a vineyard. The configuration boasts its collection by allowing the labels to be easily visible, which is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Since having a wine cellar on its own is no longer considered enough for the serious wine connoisseurs, the latest trend is to have a wine-tasting room with comfortable seating next to the cellar, just like in this home, allowing homeowners to provide the richest experience for themselves and their guests. A glass partition was installed between the tasting room and cellar, granting a clear view of the entire wine collection so the artistry can be appreciated even from the wine-tasting room. 


▼The fourth and the last luxury feature in this house is definitely not the least: this incredible home spa is the ultimate indulgence! Imagine going into the sauna after soaking in the freestanding tub. Your mind unwinds as you take in a deep breath of fragrant cedar, and you know that there are warm towels waiting for you at the end of the relaxation ritual. This sanctuary will make every inch of your mind and body feel completely rested — that is true luxury! 

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