Craft Ideas – 39 Ways to Fall in Love with Mason Jars!

Craft Ideas – 39 Ways to Fall in Love with Mason Jars!

It’s no news that mason jars are great for storing foods such as dried herbs, jam, pickles et cetera. They are definitely common and necessary to most households. Old or new, they are sold at many places in various sizes, colours and designs — usually at affordable prices, too. What are some other creative and beautiful ways to utilise your extra mason jars sitting at home? Let’s take a look at 39 ways we’ve selected for turning mason jars into reasons to enjoy fall even more! (Cover Photo Source: Aiaqc)



Aside from storage in the kitchen, mason jars are actually great for keeping things organized in many other rooms in your home! From bathroom accessories to loose craft materials, small items will be super tidy and easy to find in their new homes!

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The default transparent glass is great for recognizing items stored inside mason jars, but if you’re using them to decorate, it may or may not be a good idea to be able to see what’s on the inside…! Use chalk-board paint on the outside, and sand the paint off the raised logo to achieve a vintage look — touch up with chalk for an aged finish. Or, paint on the inside (unevenly with gold paint to make your own mercury glass) for a glossy look ! You can even mix and match colours on the same jar to be creative. Here are some attractive painted mason jar ideas to add some colours to your home decoration!

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In addition to painting mason jars, there are more ways to decorate them! You can wrap them in anything you find that inspire you: rope, ribbons, burlap, or even yarn if you are a knitter / crocheter!

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Greeneries have often been seen in mason jars at weddings. However, they are not exclusive to weddings only! We can certainly reproduce the same effect in our everyday life; whether you choose to hang them to display your cut flowers, put them in the kitchen for your own herbs garden, or create a succulent terrarium, they are the perfect size to grow a little bit of everything (but add up to be spectacular)!

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Summer party season is upon us! Not only are mason jars fantastic cutlery holders and favour containers, but also when hung outdoors (on a tree, for example), they will make your event decoration extremely fairytale-like — regardless of the occasion: bridal shower, birthday party, or summer barbecues etc.

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Sure you can use mason jars as glasses for iced drinks, but with meal prep being a trend, they are now also a popular container option for storing your meals! We find that salads are especially delicious after being in a jar for some reason. If you shake the jar with your salad inside, that helps the seasoning distribute evenly, and the fresh greens become extra flavourful! We also love sweet baking ideas using mini mason jars!

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Do you love mason jars so much that you want to have the whole collection of their accessories? You can combine them with string lights for a dreamy display at night, or use them as “lamp shades” too — as is, or simply wrap rope, burlap, or even printed fabric to achieve different kinds of light filters and effects! If you are feeling handy, drill holes on the lids and add some wood planks to create your own hanging pendant lights!

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There are so many other ways you can be creative with mason jars: votive holders in your favourite theme, wall-mounted vase, or even turn them into a pineapple or anything that you think mason jar resembles!

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