Creative Alternatives – 35 Photo-less Wall Decorating Ideas

Creative Alternatives – 35 Photo-less Wall Decorating Ideas

Do you have a wall that you want to dress up without resorting to the typical frames? Here are 35 ideas to decorate walls without pictures. Stones, wicker trays, fabrics… A lot of elements that you may already have at home will render extraordinary decorative results on your walls. As much as we adore photo walls, if you already have one, why not try decorating your walls without pictures for a change — a fun and creative one! (Cover Photo Source: Today’s Creative Life)



One of the reasons why people have second thoughts about decorating walls with frames is that they may want a softer texture in the space. Whether it is a hemmed piece of fabric with a pattern you like, a work of quilt for your country spirit, or even some kites your children made, hanging fabric on the wall will have a similar effect as a wallpaper except for it can be changed much easier, it doesn’t overwhelmingly cover the entire wall, and it yields a warmer ambiance. For those who like to have variety within variety, you can even add your favourite pins to the fabric to create an even richer look!

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If you like nature, bring it indoors! Decorating the walls with plants can breathe some life into your space. Opt for original and minimalist planters for a clean look; this will prevent stealing focus off the plants. You can also choose to decorate with vines and trellis, which leaves the entire wall covered (literally). We love these refreshing lush indoor plant ideas.

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Talking about nature, did you know that twigs and river stones can be your best friends for wall decoration? Find river stones and/or drift wood in different colours and shapes at your local nursery, or if you happen to have a few pieces that you brought home from a vacation or a beach, you’re ready to go! Just be mindful of the environment: although beaches can be a treasure trove for the foragers, there must be limits to what you take home!

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[Empty Frames]

Sure we said decorating walls without pictures, but we didn’t say you can’t decorate with frames! We’ve seen lots of old frames at antique markets before, each with its own charm and stunning details. Now we finally know what to do with them! Decorating with empty photo frames is also a great way to make use of old frames at home that are just sitting in boxes collecting dust. Time to take them out of the boxes and combine them with your recent find at the flea market  — the more disparate they are, the better!

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That’s right, straw hats can be a creative decorative element as well. We never thought that hats would look so good on the wall! You may already have many old hats at home because they are either frayed, discoloured, or not the right size, which makes this decorating idea a great way to save money. Hats, old or new, are so much character, so why tuck them away when you can proudly display your collection? They will bring a rustic atmosphere wherever you place them, especially complimenting for cottages and porches.

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[Colour Blocks & Patterns]

If you are feeling handy, you can paint colour blocks on the wall to achieve decorative designs. A very creative idea is to use magnetic paint (which you can find in many hardware or paint stores), and then you can decorate your home with anything you can think of — just add some magnets, and voilà! Or if you prefer patterns, using wrapping paper or printed craft paper with cube shelves also has a colour-blocking effect!

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Aside from using letter blocks from craft stores to decorate your home, we’re seeing some creative alternatives. Who would’ve thought that a blown-up scrabble tiles would be so decorative on the wall! The wooden letter blocks offer a lot of possibilities: whether it is your names or a positive message, spell your favorite words in the living room to bring a smile to whoever walks into the room!

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Mirror mirror on the wall… Yes, this décor inspiration is fairytale-approved! If you have an obsession for collecting mirrors, don’t be shy to exhibit your collection on the wall because seeing the refections from different mirrors & different angles is truly an interesting experience!

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We’ve seen this at restaurants and diners, and it is absolutely doable at home too. Putting up bakeware and trays on the wall breathes a home vibe, and it’s definitely more decorative than storing them in the pantry! If you don’t like shiny objects on the wall, well, there are wicker trays too. Gather a few of them and place them vertically on a wall for a dramatic yet rustic look!

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While we’re on the kitchen topic, here comes our favorite thus far: decorate the wall with plates. We’ve probably all been there; some plates are simply too beautiful to be used, so why not display them on the wall? They bring so much character to the space, and each plate of your collection speaks for your unique taste. Also, only when displayed vertically on the wall can your guests admire the fascinating details with a closer look.

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