Wow Factor Booster – 31 Ways to Show Off Your Freestanding Tub

Wow Factor Booster – 31 Ways to Show Off Your Freestanding Tub

For many people, having a freestanding bathtub is a must in their dream bathroom. If you enjoy your hot baths, imagine soaking in the perfect-temperature hot water, your arms hanging on either side of the tub without any obstruction, forgetting all your worries… Or, if you adore things in vintage style, think about how Victorian a clawfoot tub would make your bathroom look! No matter what your reason is for loving a freestanding tub, we have gathered 31 ideas for you to showcase that statement piece in the way it deserves! (Cover Photo Source: Toronto Vanity)


[White Bathroom]

With most bathtubs being white, the safest way to decorate your bathroom is to go all white to achieve a clean look. Especially for a freestanding tub, its most appealing feature is the fact it can literally be in the middle of the bathroom. In order to not steal attention from the centerpiece, it is definitely a good idea to match colours!

Source: Price Hoover

Source: Bathroom One


[Coloured Tub]

If you are bored with white bathtubs, we don’t blame you! Here are some ideas for those who like coloured bathtubs, and how to decorate your bathroom around these beautiful colours!

Source: Trendir

Source: Decor Pad


[Black & White Theme]

Whether it’s black and white tiles, or a black bathtub with a white skirt, we love this classic French theme! This is for the bold intending to achieve a dramatic look!

Source: Ikea

Source: Houzz


[Functional Copper]

We are in love with copper tubs’ unique colour and durability! Aside from being super eye-catching, copper tubs are quite pricey and hard to come by. However, if you are a fan of long baths, copper bathtubs are for you because of their excellent ability to retain heat. For those who want to invest in a luxury bathroom of ultimate relaxation, you can’t go wrong with this exotic material!

Source: Pottery Barn

Source: Spaceio


[Shabby Chic]

To create a romantic atmosphere, shabby chic is the style to go with! Wood panels with distressed paint, an antique tiffany blue chair, and a brick wall spell out your dream bathroom along with a clawfoot freestanding bathtub!

Source: Digs Digs

Source: 4 Stars


[Fireside Bathtub]

Unlike traditional bathtubs, freestanding tubs can actually be placed against a fireplace, and it is a very popular trend! It might not be necessary, but if your remember how mesmerizing it is to watch fire, you know sitting in a tub next to a fireplace will make your bath time even more relaxing!

Source: Oswell Maia

Source: Homestyle PR

Source: Neuarch


[Modern Bathroom]

Lastly, freestanding bathtubs are not just for vintage style bathrooms. You can also opt for a flat-bottom tub for the same level of relaxation, but decorated in a contemporary style – maybe even overlooking a city view!

Source: Vanda Baths

Source: People


When choosing a freestanding bathtub, it is critical to weigh all your options when deciding on designs, colours, materials, and how it will impact the overall ambiance of your bathroom. While some freestanding tubs are perfect for one home, they may not be right, or even awkward for others. If you are considering freestanding bathtubs, use this style guide to evaluate what will be the right fit for your dream bathroom!


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