Spiky but Cute – 26 Times Indoor Cactus Is Unbelievably Adorable

Spiky but Cute – 26 Times Indoor Cactus Is Unbelievably Adorable

We all love having plants in our homes, but sometimes they can be very hard to be kept alive due to insufficient watering, lack of air circulation etc. That’s why dessert plants are becoming more and more popular because of their low maintenance qualities, especially those chubby succulent plants. However, cacti are not any less cute than succulent plants! These tropical and modern beauties only need to be watered once every two weeks when the soil becomes dry. Ready to see 26 ways to decorate your interior living space with cactus? Here we go! (Cover Photo Source: Hello Deco)


[By the Window]

As a dessert plant, cactus needs plenty of sun, so naturally window ledges become the most common homes for them. Look how happy these little guys are doing getting lots of light!

Source: Plantas


[On Shelves]

If you’d like to have a few cactus plants at the same time, you can put them up on a wall space with shelves. Or, they look amazing on ladders in a bright corner by the window, too!

Source: Grandecor


[Coffee Table Display]

Want to have some plants on the coffee table to make the space more vibrant? Look no further! Cactus on your coffee table will be the statement piece in your living room!


[At Entryway]

What you see when you walk into a home sets the first impression. Therefore, entryway decoration becomes quite important in terms of how you’d like your guests to perceive your taste. Having a big gorgeous cactus sitting in the entryway will definitely impress your visitors!

Source: Brit+Co

Source: Dalla Vita

Source: Techlogx


[In Living Rooms]

Cactus radiates positive energy wherever it is, so if you would like to create a warm ambiance for your living room, don’t miss out on these gentle giants!

Source: Elatar

Source: Hello Deco

Source: AR Revista


[In Dining Rooms]

The visual warmth that cactus emits makes it a suitable plant for dining rooms, too. Big or small, these dessert plants will make your space feel extra-welcoming!

Source: Pexels

Source: Decorist


[In Bedrooms]

For those who don’t sleep walk, you might consider putting cactus in your bedroom too if there is enough sunlight in there. Imagine when you wake up in the morning, and the first thing you see is this charming cactus, we bet you’re starting your day right!

Source: Crafti Fair


[Balconies and Patios]

If you have small children at home, perhaps you’d want to move your cactus outside so that your kids don’t accidentally hurt themselves on the thorns. We recommend having your cactus plants on covered patios or balconies, where they decorate very well, so that it stays warm in the winter!

Source: AOK Guide



Still afraid of the thorns on cactus? No worries, from decorative figurines, wallpaper, pillows, to needle cushion, be prepared to let these adorable cactus accessories melt your heart!

Source: Craft Bnb


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