Colour Renovation – 20 Ideas for Your Paint Projects

Colour Renovation – 20 Ideas for Your Paint Projects

Got ideas to renovate your home, but don’t have enough time and energy for a messy renovation? Our paint & wallpaper specialist Little Greene from UK has a solution for that! Changing the colours on your walls, windows, or doors is the most effective and economic way to transform the atmosphere in a space completely in the shortest amount of time. With the help of some masking tape, we don’t need to paint the entire wall the same colour, either! We love contrasting colours with lines to accent the room’s features. Let’s take a look at 20 beautiful demonstrations with Little Greene’s paint colours to inspire our inner painting guru! (Cover Photo Source: Little Greene)


1. Grey and Blue Dining Room

Got tablewares of grey and blue? Why not make the walls colours match to create an elegant look?


2. The Old Fireplace

We love the combination of the colours: the kaki of the fireplace trim, the dusty rose on the wall, and the subtle blue on the door!


3. The Study

This small work space is made to look grand with the colour choices!


4. Celestial Blue Door

The soft colour of the door and the window trim accents the romantic vibe of the brick wall so well.


5. Paint & Paper Combo

Combining paint and wallpaper on the same wall? Yes, please!


6. Navy Kitchen

Painting the cabinets and the wall the same colour surprisingly generates a super clean look!

7. Yellow Stairs

For the individuals who want to achieve big results with the minimal efforts: try painting the sides of stairs a bright colour for that dramatic look!


8. Grey Wall Eating Area

The dark grey on the wall is a great background for the bright colours of the chairs! Also love how the white shelves stand out with the colour contrast.


9. Grey Bedroom

Have always been a big fan of grey in bedrooms! Such a calming and delicate look.


10. Kitchen

The charcoal colour on the wall makes the kitchen look even bigger than it already is! The magic of dark shades!


11. Purple Sunroom

Who would know that purple would go so well with wood colours? Such a charming mix with the plants, too!


12. Shades of Blue

If you’ve got pattern tiled floors, try matching with paints of the same colour group! The play between the 2 blues on the walls and ceiling is kaleidoscopic!

13. Rustic Dining Room

For those who like earthy tones, this is for you! Combine two colours on the same wall to create a naturally enriched look!


14. Yellow Corridor

Need to brighten up the couloir? Try this soft pastel yellow for an inviting warm ambiance!


15. Pastel Colours Bathroom

If you have some antique furnitures you’d like to show off, consider using soft pastel colours on the background to make the statement pieces really pop!


16. Green Study

Apparently looking at green colours is supposed to be good to your eyes’ health, but an entire wall of green is boring, right? What about dark grey footboards, and pink on the sides of the stairs?


17. Two-Tone Wall

To make your ceiling look taller, paint the bottom third a darker colour than the top two-thirds! Oh, and even their footboards are painted on in this case!


18. Playroom

This dreamy playroom will make all kids very happy! The idea to paint two different colours horizontally on a vertical panel wall is so creative!


19. Bright Trim

Who needs door frames when you can paint this golden orange trim for such a chic tasteful effect?


20. Blush Nuance

We love the relaxed atmosphere in this bedroom with that rich creamy red being the headboard!


This trend to paint a wall more than one colour is here to stay! To create the similar looks without making mistakes, next time you’re painting your home, make sure to consult your paint store for ideas. Perhaps they’ll have great designs like these from Little Greene that’ll be extremely inspiring to you, too!


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