Seaside Living – 17 Inspirations to Bring the Beach Home

Seaside Living – 17 Inspirations to Bring the Beach Home

Warmer weather is upon us, but still not quite. Well, you don’t have to wait until summer to reunite with beach and sunshine! Blue and white stripes, natural materials and some shells — the seaside elements make their grand return this summer, new and improved with modernity! Discover 17 inspirations to introduce nautical theme to your home. (Cover Photo Source: Wanelo)


1. The blue and white striped bed linens make an instant nautical statement!

Source: Overstock


2. Anchors are also a classic when we think of seafaring.

Source: House Appeal


3. Tired of the traditional blue and white stripes? This set of Japanese-design sapphire blue porcelain tableware is a modern alternative!


4. Filling a vase with shells you picked from the beach last summer is always a great display of your souvenirs.

Source: L Violette


5. These Moroccan & Turkish designs are a fun twist to your typical nautical theme!


6. Adding natural materials in seaside-themed decoration isn’t that hard — a few straw hats will do.

7. Succulent plants combined with drift wood make a great centerpiece for summer parties!


8. You can add some bright aqua colours to your walls by utilising wall decals.

Source: Wall Pops


9. Feeling blue? Put some cute fish on it, then you have yourself something oceanic instead!

Source: Beach Wood


10. Nothing says nautical more than this navy blue wall, the pineapples, and the surfboard with the writing “beach” on it!

Source: Indulgy


11. Mixing shades of blue with neutral colours is a subtle way of declaring seaside spirit!


12. Starfish, turquoise blue glasses, and a vase filled with sand and shells… Can you almost smell the salty moist air?

13. Wall decals can turn your bath time into an undersea adventure!

Source: HGTV


14. A modern approach to decorating for seaside living: beech wood is the new beach wood!

Source: Art Pin


15. Pillow covers are easy adaptations for season changes!


16. Seaside gatherings are all about lying back and relaxing, so go ahead and mess up your placemats to get the party looking beach-y!


17. Last but not least, living on the west coast, we have to love our adorable sand dollars ♥


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