Colourful Ideas – 16 Creative Ways to Decorate with Washi Tape

Colourful Ideas – 16 Creative Ways to Decorate with Washi Tape

These charming little Washi Tapes, originally from Japan, come in a cheerful assortment of colours and patterns. They are just like your regular masking tape: easy to be torn by hand, easy to apply, and easy to be removed without leaving any adhesive behind. This is gospel for the creative minds! With Washi Tapes, we can now easily change the decorations on everything we own — everyday, if we want to. Here are 16 Washi Tape DIY ideas we handpicked for everyone. No matter how crafty you are, don’t miss out on the inspirations these ideas will bring you! (Cover Photo Source: This Week Mumbai)


1. Gift Wrap

Washi Tapes can turn any boring wrapping paper or envelope — even kraft paper — into a lively visual feast! The key is to choose patterns of the same colour group, but misalign them a bit to avoid rigidness!



2. Keyboards

It is officially a trend to decorate your keyboard with Washi Tapes. Now we don’t have to all have the same keyboards!


3. Stationery

Just like keyboards, it is very likely to be using the same pens or pencils with everyone else. However, you can change that with Washi Tapes!


4. File Clips

Source: Artsyville

Not only is this idea decorative, but also it is a good way to identify a certain file you’re looking for by checking its file clip colour! You can do the same with laundry clips, too.


5. Play Area

Thanks to Washi Tapes, parents can create this dreamy play area for their children without full-on renovations! What a great way to teach children about creativity!

6. Windows

Source: Shelterness

Need privacy in your rental suite, but also want enough light coming in through the windows? Washi Tapes can substitute for pricey shutters! Zero clean up needed when your lease comes to an end. Or if your place already has shutters, you can also use Washi Tapes on them to make the space more fun and colourful!


7. Toothpicks

Source: Picklee

No matter you’re securing them on sandwiches or placing them in flower pots, these little flags made with toothpicks and Washi Tapes are the cutest and easiest way to justify your Washi Tape buying addiction.


8. Keys

All keys look alike. What about using Washi Tapes to colour code them, and save some key-fiddling time?


9. Notebooks

Source: Ngoisao

Got that plain notebook that looks like the one everyone else is using? Washi Tapes can change that!


10. Agendas

If you keep an agenda, Washi Tapes make highlighting important dates even more fun and beautiful!

11. Page Marks

If you have that one page to which you keep having to refer in your book or agenda, you can mark it with Washi Tape to make it easy to find!


12. Cups

Source: Homedit

When entertaining at home, it is a common problem for guests to be confusing their cups. Washi Tapes to the rescue! We can mark the cups with these vibrant tapes, and if you are serving food, this works on cutleries too!


13. Flower Pots

Washi Tapes can turn the terracotta pot you see everywhere into a unique one-and-only flower pot!


14. Wall Calendar

Source: Decoesfera

Instead of buying as-is calendars, we can create our own wall calendar — customized to our needs and our wall space!


15. Frames

Source: Trendenser

As opposed to traditional picture frames, taping out lines on the wall is a new way to exhibit your photo collection creatively!


16. Wallpaper

Source: Design Rulz

If you cannot install wallpaper at your place but want to have that wallpaper effect, you can make simple geometric patterns over an entire wall to achieve the feature wall look — like the crosses in this photo, or triangles work very well too.


These DIY ideas show that Washi Tapes are not just decorative, but they are also very functional. Through original utilisations, the diverse Washi Tape choices out there can combine to transform everyday objects in a few simple steps! Since Washi Tapes are so easy to remove, why not be bold and experiment on your keyboards, notebooks, or shutters et cetera, and feel the joy of accomplishment when your surroundings are enhanced by your creativity?


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