Vibrant Colours – 15 Wall and Floor Patterns You’ll Love

Vibrant Colours – 15 Wall and Floor Patterns You’ll Love

Want to add some colour to your floor or walls without a large construction that blows the budget? We love the pattern cement tile look in a home; it reminds us of lazy summer afternoons somewhere in the Mediterraneans! However, as much as pattern cement tiles are very popular as they decorate the space very nicely, they are hard to install, and their prices are high. To revamp your home, consider these inexpensive alternatives to cement tiles! Vinyl, earthenware, wallpaper and even paint patterns come in a fun variety to boost your interior decoration. Discover the 15 ways to recreate that cement tile look! (Cover Photo Source: Loversiq)


If nobody told me, I probably wouldn’t have known that this is vinyl flooring! The bright colours create a warm ambiance that makes the space very cheerful.


What a great way to brighten up the foyer! It looks very welcoming and is easy to clean; what more can we ask for?


Mix-and-matching tile patterns of the same style is extremely stylish! Have you ever felt that on a sunny day, you see more dirt on your wood floor than other days? We bet this kitchen floor won’t let you see that anymore!


We love the geometric patterns of this vinyl flooring! It goes well with the oak wood floor beside it, and it doesn’t scratch easily. Perfect for families with small children and pets!


Thanks to its flooring choice, this living room looks almost Moroccan! Sure it would look good with wood floors too, but this kind of pattern clash is utterly exotic and romantic!

Vinyl flooring is really taking over! Affordable, warm to the touch, and easy to clean and install. Not to mention that it is so beautiful!


This set of stairs is breathtaking! Every step has a different wallpaper. Can we have this at home, please?


Without compromising its grey colour theme, the addition of pattern tiles makes what would have been a cold-looking living room a lot more dynamic!


This piece of vinyl flooring imitates more than just tiles; it also resembles wood flooring! This fun choice echoes with the creative décor in this room: the classy pedestal table, the wall display, and the various pendant lights.


It might be a given to use tiles in the bathroom, but running a strip of pattern tiles from the floor to the wall is truly unique! The bold design makes this bathroom so lively!

If you would like to use tiles on your bathroom walls, what about some pattern to make that a feature wall?


This rolling stamp is made for painting, and it is such a great way to paint patterns on the wall since wallpaper can be quite pricey too!


This chic floor pattern makes it look like the kitchen is somewhere in Provence!


If you would like to add some patterns to your space, but not a lot, consider these narrow adhesive wallpapers!


Lastly, if you still want to stick to plain wall tiles, no problem! Installing tiles of the same colour with a different texture is a very subtle and tasteful design idea, too!


Summer is around the corner. It is the best season to put some colours and patterns in our homes! There are so many choices to bring vibrant elements to your favourite room. Want to integrate these pattern tile looks into your living space now? We don’t blame you!


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