The Awww Moment – 14 Indoor Hammocks to Rock Your World

The Awww Moment – 14 Indoor Hammocks to Rock Your World

If you’re one to indulge yourself with ultimate relaxation, you know it is not enough to only have a beautiful living room or a beautiful bathtub for your unwinding rituals. Want to create a cozy corner just for yourself without it taking up too much space? Hammocks are THE dream solution! Hung on beams or any weight-supporting structure, hammocks move easily between outdoors and indoors, offering you moments of unique relaxation. We have selected 14 hammocks that are the best places for you to read, nap, lounge, or just hang out! (Cover Photo Source: Planète Québec)


[Au Naturel]

Neutral colours make hammocks look even airier than they already are. The neutrals are so versatile that they can make what used to be a summer staple an all-season decor piece. They blend in with all types of styles in any room. You can hang them just for decoration purposes, or you can climb into them, and let your mind be teleported to a romantic tropical resort!

Source: Boisholz

Source: Visite Deco

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[Black Knitted]

Knitted hammocks are warm to the touch, which can be a great balance between winter and summer home settings. You can get cozy and warm in your hammock, but at the same time the openwork is still perfect for the warmer days. The colour black makes them fit readily into modern minimalist interiors, but the arc of fabric acts as a layer that softens the industrial style of apartments and lofts.

Source: AR

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[Patterns & Colours]

Even a hammock can look fashionable if it’s made of a trendy colour or printed fabric. Be it a recent favourite pastel colour or a pattern that you really love, different hammocks can add different filters to your decor, which is another bonus tagging along with these suspended hideouts.

Source: Deavita


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[Self Standing]

You may have a perfect corner near big windows, allowing you to read under natural lighting, but it is impossible to find beams to hang a hammock under this circumstance. Worry not, because there are self-standing hammocks! Although they take up more space on the floor, they make one unique and impressive piece of furniture.

Source: Shop Terrain

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[Cushion Loaded]

A hammock is a sofa, a bed, and a reclining chair all at once, so why not decorate it with what you usually would with sofas, beds, and chairs? Not only is the result super comfy, but also the visual abundance will brighten up the empty corner that no one goes to in your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen. With the colder weather coming up, there is no better way to battle winter blues than rocking gently, probably snuggling next to your favourite person, in a soft cushy heaven!

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