Simply Romantic – 13 Bohemian Minimalist Inspirations

Simply Romantic – 13 Bohemian Minimalist Inspirations

Although Bohemian is famous for being maximalist and Scandinavian for being minimalist, the marriage of these two seemingly opposite styles yields a perfect balance one can ever ask for. With a strong presence of minimalism at its core, the modern Bohemian style declutters and simplifies in comparison to its traditional predecessor. The new hybrid “Bohemian minimalist” has a toned-down approach for everyday living: while accessories are still essential, textures dominate over patterns. The palette choice is more neutral, often against a white background to minimize visual noise and to allow the subtle touches of greenery to stand out. To learn how to steal this increasingly popular style, read on for tips on creating a Bohemian minimalist style home! (Cover Photo Source: The Culture Trip)


[Simple Lines]

In a Bohemian minimalist style room, the embroidered pillows, wool tassels, and stacks of books bring texture and warmth to the space. To avoid distraction from displaying these showpieces, minimizing the presence of lines is crucial, starting from furnitures like chairs for example. Choose chairs with simple straight legs instead of fancy turned styles will be a perfecting complement to your Bohemian decor!

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[Effortless Bedrooms]

Bed frames and headboards often add definition to the bedroom. Continuing the idea of minimizing lines, why not consider putting the mattress and boxspring directly on the floor in a Bohemian style room? This cozy set-up is laid-back and minimalist at the same time!

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[White Walls]

Inevitably, Bohemian accessories are decorative with patterns and prints, like the ever-so-comfy poufs for example. The best way for these unique artifacts to stand out in a space is to silence the background — which is why it’s no surprise that almost all the photos we see of Bohemian minimalist rooms have stark white walls as a signature tone!

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