Think Outside the Frame – 12 DIY Ideas to Display Your Travel Photos Creatively

Think Outside the Frame – 12 DIY Ideas to Display Your Travel Photos Creatively

So, you got back from your trip, unpacked your luggages, and went back to work. What about all the unforgettable memories in your head, your smartphone, and your camera? Sure you can simply upload the photos online to show your friends, but using them to decorate your home is so much more fun! Picture frames are great, but if you don’t have enough of them to display all of your favourite moments from the trip, we’ve got you covered. Here are 12 ways to creatively display your travel photos without using picture frames! (Cover Photo Source: Photojojo)


1. Apply a thin layer of diluted glue to securely attach the photos on the container of your choice, or simply use the jar as a shadow box — show off your photos along with souvenirs from the trip!

→Materials: glass bottles or mason jars, glue (optional: souvenirs)

Source: By Mariel


2. This alternative to your traditional photo wall is great for contemporary style homes.

→Materials: wall hooks, hangers, metal clips


3. For the polaroid users, you can transform your polaroid photos into this magnificent wall display? Wait… Are those real air plants, or are they in the photos?

→Materials: nail, ropes, wood branch, mini clothespins (optional: air plants and polaroid-look-alike paper cut outs)

Source: By Mariel


4. Combine your travel photos with quotes that inspire you!

→Materials: an assortment of washi tapes

5. Arranging your favourite photos into any shape that you want allows you to look at them from a different angle (literally)!

→Materials: double-sided foam tape

Source: Coco Morocco


6. An impromptu array of photos from your trips is the best epitome of your spontaneous travel style!

→Materials: ropes, wood clothespins (optional: washi tape, open back frame)


7. Tired of rectangular photo displays? Let’s make ’em round to be creative!

→Materials: scissors, antique pie dishes, glue


8. A geometric display of photos creates a timeline for your trip. Goes perfectly with ethnic boho style decorations!

→Materials: nails, ropes, file clips

9. Got a lot of palaroid photos to display (altogether or each on its own)? You can repurpose used corks as photo stands!

→Materials: corks, blade


10. Ok, the example photo isn’t frameless, but this idea can be executed without frames. Love how this decal allows us to pinpoint past travel destinations on the map and trace them to photos from those specific trips!

→Materials: world map decal, pins, ropes (optional: frames or other methods from 1-9 to put up photos on the wall)


11. Utilising shelves and ledges is a creative way of keeping your photos leveled!

→Materials: ledges or shelves, clipboards


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