The Table Is Set – 11 Holiday Tablescape Ideas

The Table Is Set – 11 Holiday Tablescape Ideas

Holiday season calls for family gatherings, which also means we’ll have many occasions to take out our beautiful dishes and set the table with Christmas-themed decorations. Since coming up with a menu and cooking for a group already demand a lot of attention, let us help you with table decor ideas. Here are 11 creative inspirations that are easy to reproduce at home & perfect to dress up your table to show your holiday spirit — starting with greeneries we can find in the garden (or grocery shops’ flower section) for a natural and elegant decor style! (Cover Photo Source: Erin Made This)


This rustic table setting is a dream. Garlands with pine cones are naturally festive, not to mention that they will make the room smell really good!


Branches, pomegranates and gilded candle holders on the table satisfy all the colour elements that Christmas needs — green, red, and gold!


Since we’re bringing greenery to the table, it may as well be something edible. Rosemary will enhance the fragrance of roasted dishes, so your guests will be impressed with how good your food smells!

Got some extra ornaments sitting around? They’ll transform any table decor into a Christmas-themed tablescape!

Source: Stylizimo


Being one of the few plants that fruit in winter, winterberry holly is deservedly popular in Christmas decorations!


‘Tis the season to gift, so gifts being centrepieces when setting the table seems just appropriate.

Since everyone may already be sipping on cinnamon spiced drinks & lighting cinnamon scented candles, it is only fitting that cinnamon sticks show up as part of the table setting, too!


Golden stars — another symbol that always reminds people of the holidays. Adding a bunch of stars to your dining table will surely bring festivity!

Source: H&M


For the amazing bakers out there, gingerbread is probably the most eco-friendly table decor you can use — imagine, your guests can eat up all of the ornaments and the place cards!


What else says festive? Christmas lights do!


Branches from a Christmas tree, winterberries picked up during a walk… These elements from nature make the perfect decoration for a festive table. To complete the miniature winter scene, add a frosty house, some paper snowflakes and the tea light candles, and voilà!


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