Rustic Chic – 10 Living Room Décor Inspirations

Rustic Chic – 10 Living Room Décor Inspirations

Aged wood with patina, wrinkled linen and (synthetic) fur — rustic style satisfies our senses with warmth. It is quieter than country style, yet just as cozy. Authentically French but with a touch of Nordic minimalism, rustic style works well with contemporary furniture and soft shades. The result is utterly chic and timeless. If you have a passion for vintage items, you’ll love decorating in rustic style! Let’s take a look at 10 inspirations to make your living room a nest of character! (Cover Photo Source: Côté Maison)


1. Rustic Living Room with Ethnic Notes

In this rustic living room, there is a clash of styles. The live edge on the old-wood coffee table and the horn display above the fireplace have an untamed character. The ethnic accessories, like the Berber rug and the printed cushions, are contrasting with the other elements in the living room, but absolutely necessary to harmonize the overall ambiance.

Idea: ethnic items with patterns


2. Rustic Attic

This charming space under sloped ceiling has exposed beams and a rough finish coffee table — a rustic style is apparent. The black chair’s modern silhouette contrasts with the attic’s elements, and the effect is extremely tasteful. The take-away from this inspiration? The patinated wood shutters sitting on the floor as a decoration!

→Idea: antique shutters as decoration


3. Rustic Charm

Old objects have an irresistible sheen to them produced by age, tear, and normal use. This living room boasts a collection of old objects — a loft ladder, an antique coffee table, and exposed beams — celebrating its rustic style. To offset the traditional look, there is a lot of white in furniture selection. However, if you already have furnitures but would like to make your space more contemporary-looking, you can’t go wrong doing what the owner did in this room: put up a photo wall of black and white!

→Idea: photo wall of black and white prints

4. Colours in a Rustic Living Room

Rustic atmosphere also blends well with bold colours. To add liveliness to a room with old freckled floors, mustard yellow velvet upholstery does a very good job! Along with ethnic motifs, the colours make this living room look vibrant. Bonus points for the greenery in this eclectic space!

→Idea: potted plants


5. Rustic Meets Scandinavian

Without a doubt, the antique coffee table is the centerpiece in this living room. The worn wood panels and old wheels embody the rustic spirit in this prevailingly Scandinavian space: the wrinkled textured linen in white and powdered pink are typically Nordic, yet the aged-patina look on the coffee table adds even more character and story to the space.

→Idea: showcase a centerpiece with soft-colour background


6. Rustic in Beige Monochrome

The seat cushions in monochromatic patterns, along with the pendant light, ceiling, walls, and wood panels on the door, infuse modernity with traditional expression in this living room. The furniture pieces, mainly made of light wood, also coordinate in the same palette of beiges. It is worth mentioning that the wood pendant light’s unique texture is the key factor to the design of this elegant space.

→Idea: wood pendant light

7. Mixing Textures

Want to make your rustic living room more cozy? Mixing textures can help! The wrinkled linen and patinated wood echo with the thick fur carpet, and the sheer fabric on the pendant light adds airiness. The neutral shades from pearl gray to off-white are perfect for decorating a cozy space where you can rewind and relax at the end of the day!

→Idea: contrasting textures in the same palette


8. Rustic Rug

This American West style rug articulates unique character in any living room! It is a true centerpiece that sets the charismatic tone for the pedestal side table, walnut armchair, and old-fashioned fireplace — which stand out even more thanks to the embellishing effect of the rug.

→Idea: statement rug


9. Between Old and Contemporary

This impeccably white living room shows off confronting styles. While the black openwork armchair and the charcoal lamp are absolutely contemporary, they harmonize nicely with the rustic coffee table and the exposed beams. The tribal rug, leather sofa and distressed console table complete the array of genres.

→Idea: modern and antique combination


10. Provencal Accents

Improvised bench with cushions, coffee table in patinated wood, braided pendant light… The furniture selection seems to be straight out of a flea market. The sapphire blue plates hanging over the fireplace adds a Provencal touch to this rustic living room. Eclectic but chic, the furniture pieces compliment each other very well in this inviting space.

→Idea: sapphire blue in a harmony of beige


Combining quality durable goods from different eras, rustic style is an ideal choice for people who enjoy vintage pieces as well as modern designs. Nature is the fundamental concept in rustic living. Life is a pure enjoyment when a home is filled with articles of history and aged elegance, and when living space is highlighted with earth tones — especially suitable for individuals with a slow living lifestyle who enjoy savouring each day in a low-pressure environment. This is why we love decorating with rustic style in living rooms!


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